This is a complete deluxe personal terror protection kit designed for small adults or large children. Our new CodeRED Survival Kits are being reviewed"The best of the best!" by firefighters and disaster specialist. CODE RED BLS series One Person72-Hour Basic Life Support survival kit Note:Image is 4-person Kit Homefront Emergency CODE RED BLS Series of basic essentials survival kits are not only economical they are top quality!

Might want to contact ahead for reservations at the nearby emergency room i am a huge fan and WW3 breaks. This deluxe 72-hour honey bucket style emergency survival kit is ideal for for those who would like to have a port-a-pottie during an emergency along with emergency first-aid, shelter, tools, lighting, food rations, and water. Disasters hit without notice.  Don't be unprepared when it is so easy to put a little food, shelter and water away for emergencies that are bound to happen in an unsettled world.

This comprehensive 4-Person CodeRED Deluxe Essentials Emergency Preparedness Kit contains the essential emergency supplies for 4 people for three days (72 hours) or 1 person for over a week and longer.

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