The luxurious bomb, nuclear and chemical weapon proof bunkers are kitted out with beds, kitchens, flushing toilets and even fireplaces. NOTE: Our fallout shelters come standard with a 12-person Swiss-made chemical and biological air filtration system with both electrical and hand-powered capability.
Fallout Shelter with Hatch Door or Entry Door The most inexpensive approach to installing a Safecastle fallout shelter is to opt for a shelter with a 32"-square blast-door hatch. Popular MechanicsAmerican preparedness and paranoia in the form of the bomb shelter dates back to the earliest days of the Cold War. Popular MechanicsAdvertisement - Continue Reading BelowIf the end is nigh and you find yourself without a fallout shelter of your own, you might want to get yourself to Ontario. There's little room for the penny-pinchers in the underground sheltering market, with construction estimates of up to $400 per square foot, and prefab shelters with $50,000 price tags. Popular MechanicsThe CAT25, Radius' most popular model, can house up to 25 shelterists for as long as five months. If you're seriously shopping around for an underground shelter, you will eventually run into Sharon Packer.Packer, current director of the American Civil Defense Association, has been building shelters since the mid-1980s. The primary differences between our storm shelters and our fallout shelters are found in modifications to the door, steps, and air vents to make them virtually impervious to radiological, biological, or chemical contamination.
They can also serve as a large Faraday Cage to protect from EMP, if appropriate steps are taken to keep the shelter tightly buttoned up.

A 1951 article from Popular Mechanics titled, "If the A-bombs Burst," detailed crucial steps for surviving the opening salvo of World War III, complete with a list of how to stock a shelter. There, look up Bruce Beach, computer scientist, trained radiological scientific officer, and expert bomb-shelter builder.Beach claims to have built "over two dozen shelters" in his lifetime, but Ark Two is undoubtedly his masterpiece.
The $320,000 CAT25 comes equipped with filtration systems built to handle nuclear, biological and chemical events, and has about 8 feet of head room.
In 1998, she and partner Paul Seyfried started Utah Shelter Systems, a firm that builds blast-hardened steel shelters in nine standard sizes ranging from 8 x 32 feet to 10 x 50 feet. The subsequent decade saw more of the same in PM's pages, with stories such as "Backyard Bomb Shelter," "Atomic Hideouts," and "You Can Build a Low-Cost Shelter Quickly."According to industry experts, bomb-shelter tech has changed little in the five decades since World War II. Handbook of Weapon Fundamentals and Shelter Engineering Design Standards, and his company, Radius Engineering, maintains the lion's share of the prefabricated shelter market. Packer says the advantage of the steel shelter, which is buried 8 to 10 feet below the ground, is that it has "all hazard" resilience. Any door base that extends above the top of the shelter more than the standard 30" base, has to be hauled separately from the shelter.
He then topped it off with 14 feet of Canadian soil, rendering Ark Two virtually impenetrable to anything short of a direct nuclear strike—an unlikely event in Horning Mill, Ontario.
This means the shelters are built to withstand cataclysmic weather events, chemical or biological attacks, solar flares, electromagnetic pulses, nuclear explosions and fallout.With a sticker price starting at $40,000, the shelter comes equipped with furniture-grade flooring, bunk beds, and all the essential wiring and filtration systems.

This door base over 30" tall will have a door 32" wide and 32" long with ladder type steps going down into the shelter. Ready to bury when you buy it, the Mini Blast Shelter requires just an afternoon's worth of backhoeing before it's underground and good to go.The savings come at a cost, though, primarily in comfort. Customers can pick and choose from an assortment of shelter units, which can then be connected via tubing, like a giant, underground hamster playpen. The 60 x 20-foot shelter can serve as a central atrium, linked to other Radius models, or it can be used as a sort of single-family underground shelter condo, complete with a shower, kitchen and living room. All through Appalachia, it's people who share a similar mind-set.""We get do a lot in Texas, and a lot in New York too," says Sharon Packer, of Utah Shelter Systems, "because they've already had an event.
Even if things get much worse, Hardened Structures bases the strength of all its bunker designs on a 10-kiloton improvised nuclear device.Since 1991, Hardened Structures has catered to the extreme protection needs of the unbelievably wealthy.

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