Despite that, the Rand Corporation insists that the North Korean system is extremely brittle and could collapse with little warning.
Most South Koreans are unenthusiastic about sudden reunification, fearing the vast expense would derail their own economy.Secure WMDBut an abrupt collapse would force the issue. Chinese armies move south into the Korean peninsula and collide with American and South Korean forces moving north.
South Korea has always claimed sovereignty over the whole Korean peninsula and has the backing of its American allies in the pursuit of eventual reunification.Its army divisions strung out along the southern edge of the Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) could be expected to advance rapidly in the event of a political vacuum north of the line.

The resulting clashes spark war between nuclear-armed superpowers.A new report says such a confrontation is still a real danger in the event of a sudden collapse of the North Korean regime. The assassination of the leader Kim Jong-un is cited as a possible event that could lead to internal feuding and precipitate foreign intervention.China would want to stem a flood of North Korean refugees across its border. The troops would be tasked with tackling any remaining hostile elements of the North Korean military, feeding the population and establishing security.
The report produced by the US research institute, the Rand Corporation, says that North Korea is a failing state that could fall apart at any moment.It says agreement is urgently needed between Washington and Beijing on contingency plans - including setting up a temporary line of division inside North Korea to keep their armies apart.

Special forces and airborne units would move ahead to secure weapons of mass destruction - including North Korea's nuclear and chemical programmes.Chinese forces racing south from the Yalu River could be tasked with similar objectives.

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