Marking the anniversary of the Gaza massacre and its fallen victims, the Islamic Human Rights Commission organised Genocide Memorial Day. A moving talk given by Ward Churchill on the publication date his book 'A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present' as featured on TUC radio and archived as part of the A-Infos Radio 4 All Project. In 1970 the US government initiated a nazi style eugenics program to sterilize Native American women without their knowledge and against their will. Following the February 22nd ambush and murder of the 67-year-old veteran rebel leader by the Angolan army, obituaries in the American press have described his remarkable charisma and ferocious drive for power.
From the bible: “Let justice prevail or may the heavens fall” Goodness me the heavens did fall yesterday over the entire northeastern part of our great nation. New York City, in addition to having so many good and decent Americans from all walks of life and nationality, also is the most negative place in the entire country of ours.
It broke the back of the native resistance, allowing the US Army to conquer the whole Northwest Territory in the next 30 years.
Join us on day 46 of their hunger strike, for an emergency protest outside the BBC HQ, to demand their freedom, and to demand the BBC lift its reporting blackout of the hunger strikers. The changes in attitude will have no major impact on the worldwide panorama and in Latin America he will seek a change of ways to halt the progressive, democratic and leftist tendencies which inspire our people. They reminded me of what went on: their brief history of troubles began in 1970, when the Americans chased away their legitimate ruler, Prince Sihanouk, and replaced him with their proxy military dictator Lon Nol. Imperial Arrogance and Criminality" and "Kill the Indian, Save the Man: The Genocidal Impact of American Indian Residential Schools".
Surely the victorious peasants shot marauders and spies, but many more died of American-planted mines and during the subsequent Vietnamese takeover, they said. The baby girl, having survived the massacre and the blizzard with temperatures at 40 below zero, was then abducted by Brigadier General Colby as a trophy of the massacre, in his own words "a most interesting Indian relic".
Racism as a contemporary modern phenomena has gone on to kill millions of people worldwide, once unleashed it was employed in the service of Empire as the Aboriginals communities of Australia, the Native Americans, and so on, felt the full weight of that idea of racism and white supremacy as they were exterminated in their lands of origin.
If I applied that law to you, so all your familial knowledge, all your familial traditions, all your inherited wealth, all your understanding of who you are, and where you are in the world, where you've come from and what is your culture and history, that id taken away from you then the very essence of your being is ripped asunder.And so when you look at African societies, particularly those that endured the experience of plantation slavery in the West Indies or South America you begin to see some trends, you begin to identify some patterns of behaviour, you begin to see and recognise the legacy of that brutality as its played out within the contemporary of those communities. The Americans have an additional good reason: Pol Pot killings serve to hide their own atrocities, the millions of Indochinese they napalmed and strafed.
DEATH TO ALL (DTA), which features former members of DEATH celebrating the life and music of Chuck Schuldiner, has announced the "Swamp Leper Stomp '14" North American tour, a month-long run with fellow death metal legends OBITUARY and MASSACRE plus up-and-comers RIVERS OF NIHIL. It’s been exactly a decade since a cascading blackout across the Northeast crippled commerce and transportation in the U.S.

Since the 2003 blackout the government has implemented a slew of changes to the system aimed at preventing another blackout, but questions still swirl about whether or not a repeat of that eye-opening incident could occur. The 2003 blackout, the worst in North American history, highlights how enormous the economic stakes truly are.
I want to highlight what happened when Columbus so-called 'discovered' America, as if there was nobody living there before.
In the first 400 years of genocide, between Columbus's arrival in 1492 and the massacre at Wounded Knee in 1891, 98% of the Native American population had been wiped out and 97.5% of their land had been stolen.
The media aren’t just covering up a single scandal, they are covering up three separate scandals that cost American lives.
The United States bears some blame for Angola’s brutal civil war because Savimbi was long the darling of American right-wing, conservative politicians and the CIA. Socialism is being dismantled fast: Chinese-owned factories keep churning tee-shirts for the European and American market employing tens of thousands of young Cambodian girls earning $80 per month. They developed a policy called "aggressive assimilation" where they forcefully took the children, aged as young as 4 years old, from their Native American families and handed them over to church-run, government-funded industrial schools, later called residential schools to be kept there until they reached 16 years of age. Most of the communists of the former ICP abandoned the struggle, returning to North Vietnam. The villages had been depopulated; millions of refugees gathered in the capital to escape American bombs and American mines.
One of the few survivors of the massacre was a baby girl, found 4 days after the massacre, lying beneath her mothers dead frozen body, her mother having protected her in death as she had in life. We must also reject historical misconceptions regarding Columbus and his “discovery” of the Americas. The peasants ran to the forest guerrillas of Khmer Rouge, which was led by a few Sorbonne graduates, and eventually succeeded in kicking out Lon Nol and his American supporters. Most people would have said you couldn’t have had such a major outage,” said Frank Cilluffo, who had been serving as a Homeland Security adviser in the Bush administration shortly before the blackout.
Professor Ward Churchill has more than 35 years of being a direct participant in the struggle waged by the American Indian Movement for the fundamental human rights and national liberation of the Indigenous Peoples of the US and Canada. This is just one example, of many, of how disease has been systematically used as a weapon of war by the US Army in its genocide of the Native Americans. That she knew the truth and blatantly lied to all of America makes her as guilty as obama and his gang. As for how many were killed by American bombing, Zasloff and Brown, in Problems of Communism, Jan.-Feb.

A much quoted American professor, RJ Rummel, wrote that “out of a 1970 population of probably near 7,100,000 …almost 3,300,000 men, women, and children were murdered …most of these… were murdered by the communist Khmer Rouge”.
There were cases of Native American women entering hospital for an unrelated procedure and being sterilized without their knowledge. The supposed “discovery” by one Cristobal Colon—also known as Christopher Columbus, landed on the Bahamian island of San Salvador and subsequently was labeled the “first” European to take notice of the Americas. It was an important undertaking and at its inauguration human rights activists gave short presentations remembering many of the world's genocides from the near eradication of indigenous peoples across the Americas, the Transatlantic Slave Trade, the Nazi Holocaust, Palestine, the British genocide of Indians in 1857, and Bosnia.
Revolutionaries across the world and especially in America must realize that this victory is one in which we should hold no illusions. The Americas in 1492 were already populated and had very large and developed civilizations—the Aztecs, Incas and Iroquois to name a few.
It was not enough to have decimated the Native American population to under 250,000 by 1890, the government eyed the survivors, and especially their children. We of the PC(AP) were not only not “critical” observers of the massacre of the heroic Libyan people, nor did we put NATO and the Gadhafi government on the same level. This [the Sino-American imperialist alliance] is obvious, also, from the fact that now the American government is trying to put China, which has attacked Vietnam, on the same plane as Vietnam because, allegedly, it has attacked Cambodia. Churchill outlines different forms of genocide waged against indigenous peoples in North America. Containing the modern-day nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic, he founded the settlement of La Navidad (Christmas) on the north east coast of the island in 1492.
She writes: "The African Muslims may have been, in the Americas, the slaves of Christian masters, but their minds were free.
But on returning from North Vietnam to join the movement, the old ICPers found themselves under suspicion, sometimes even killed by the Pol Pot group.
Columbus brought a philosophy of domination to the Americas that persists today in the domination of other peoples, domination of the environment, domination of other belief systems and the domination of women by men. The following year, Columbus quickly founded a second settlement further east in present day Dominican Republic, La Isabela, which became the first permanent European settlement in the Americas. That is, news blackouts about eurodisaster may be normal, but a ban on news about this serious a hit is about as abnormal as they come.

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