Feel free to share this blog article so we can get the word out and fill that Ridgeline with food for local families! Donations are accepted every Sunday before Worship services in the Food Pantry Shopping Cart located in Gathering Place.
The Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana signed on as a Subsidiary Distribution Organization of the Second Harvest Food Bank in Alexandria, was incorporated, received 501 (c) 3 status, and after a great deal of work and preparation opened its doors on April 17, 1997.
In 1995, a group of individuals from churches with food pantries and benevolent organizations met to discuss the need to establish a local Food Bank to serve the parishes of Northwest Louisiana.
The Food Bank also warehouses Northwest Louisiana's portion of the state's allocated USDA commodity food products.

Local food donations from businesses, individuals, and food drives play a large role in supplying the food needed to provide the 7 million pounds that we distributed last year to 75,000 individuals. That’s why we’re conducting our First Annual  Food & Fund Drive to benefit the Rhode Island Food Bank from now through December 12, 2014.
Thank you for helping take a bite out of hunger this holiday with Herb Chambers….with your participation, we CAN make this Food and Fund Drive a huge success!
This group evolved into a formally organized Steering Committee in 1996 and met with America's Second Harvest Food Bank officials in New Orleans and Alexandria. Our goal is to fill a Honda Ridgeline with canned goods and other non-perishable food items to help local families in need this holiday season.

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