The guys at the Fraunhofer Institute for Technological Trend Analysis are working on a way to use automobile horns to, in effect, crowdsource the network of emergency warning sirens that used to cover Germany.
Such a system is needed, the researchers argue, because cellphone broadcast systems, radios and televisions have limited ability to warn people of Mother Nature’s wrath. In several countries threatened by tsunami they have already built a forecasting and monitoring subsystem for monitoring of natural phenomena and this system is administered by specialised institutions. Tsunami Early Warning Centers become depend on several geodetic techniques to evaluate and estimate the potential of tsunamis and to disseminate correct warnings. Proposed solution consists in addition of an acoustic warning subsystem (Pavian electronic sirens network) and interconnecting it with the forecasting and monitoring subsystem.
With its Services, GGOS provides several important technologies to augment traditional tsunami warnings.
The same system, the researchers say, can be used to warn the public of forest fires, impending floods, industrial accidents and other emergencies.
If the siren is equipped with local control, it can be used not only for warning inhabitants against an impending danger, it can also be used by rescue forces directly on site to perform rescue works and communicate on the affected territory.

Worldwide landslides are one of the major types of natural hazards killing or injuring a large number of individuals and creating very high costs every year. By enhancing the capabilities of current GPS technologies, scientists have developed an early warning system that should be able to provide real-time, accurate information about hazards from extreme weather events, earthquakes and tsunamis.
The system is being tested in Southern California, where it has already been used to help alert people about the risk of flash floods associated with a summer monsoon rain event.
The system makes use of existing GPS stations that have been upgraded with inexpensive seismic monitors and meteorological sensors. In the case of the summer monsoon flash flood warning, water vapor and atmospheric moisture data collected by a NOAA research laboratory in Colorado was relayed to the system in California. Regarding other natural disasters, such as earthquakes and subsequent tsunamis, the warning system can be used to issue alerts moments after a seismic event.
The system improves earthquake warning by analyzing the primary shock waves of an earthquake, which can be used to predict the power of the more intense secondary waves that come later.
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The system builds upon the eCall system that will be installed in all new European cars beginning in 2010 under a European Union safety initiative. The Institute says the technology needed for such a system is readily available and could be widely adopted within two to four years. Similarly created warning system can also be successfully used in case of danger of other natural phenomena such as tornado, fire, volcano eruption, or earthquake.
The earthquake magnitude and other critical fault parameters can be rapidly and accurately determined to generate ground intensity maps throughout the affected region, and form the basis of tsunami warnings," the Scripps Institution of Oceanography wrote in a statement. German scientists think that maddening sound is a great way to warn people of impending disasters. Such a system would cost next to nothing to adopt, they say, and could be introduced as early as next year.

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