In no way do I blame whoever came up with the name (surely a marketing guru of the highest quality, or else a radio call-in voting system) but I do wonder if the trend will continue, or will these natural disaster references be vanquished in time. While the San Jose Earthquakes might be the only team in the MLS named after a natural disaster, they aren’t the only ones with a name that evokes fear of Mother Nature.
I am aware that fire has played a massive role in the history of one of the great American cities, but still, if you are trying to honour the servicemen and women that battle the blazes, name the team the Chicago Firefighters or something along those lines.
Pick a good name for your drinking team, beer olympics team, sloshball or whatever you plan on playing. Beer League featured team and beer shirts, softball and hockey tips and tricks, bats and equipment, team names and more. Flickerbock: There have always been two sports team name categories that have bothered me, teams that are named after natural disasters and teams that kept their names when they moved and the name has no relevance to the new location. There sure are a lot of craptacular team and band names out there, and only a few good ones. You will notice, my dear Dropping-a-Deuce, that I did not once mention the reason that those teams left the Twin Cities. Another terrible name – any team named after an animal that does not exist on the North American continent.
OK, that wasn’t the best or even on the list, but still coming up with a clever fake sponsor can be a great way to get a clever team name. Many of the sport specific names are left off and can be found on their respective pages, but if you're looking for general team names, these are good places to look. Hart: The first thing that comes to mind as far as stupid sports names are the ones spelled weird like the Canadiens, though that may be a French Canadian thing. It has always been weird to me when teams decide that killer natural disasters are the best solution for a team name.
Aside from your very first visual impression of something or someone, the name is the thing you’ll always remember first about anything. And as much as Bono sucks (great humanitarian, lazy musician), U2 is actually kinda brilliant because their name invites you to BE A PART OF THE BAND.
The Minneapolis Lakers were named the Lakers because Minnesota has a million and a half lakes (or 10,000).
However I am no longer able to send custom team names by request, but let me see if I can find some from a previous email I sent. Since team name requests are at an all-time high, it’s gonna be about another week before I can get back to you. I was trying to think of something catchy either with my name in the team name, something about women and heart disease; although there will be men on my team, or something to do with imaging (x-ray, Cat Scan, MRI, etc).

The Washington Bullets elected to change their team name in the 90s due to growing violence in the D.C.
The Colorado Rapids are named in homage to the formidable and beautifully powerful rivers that run all over that great and wondrous state.
The Blackhawks of Chi-town are one of several Native-American themed team names that still piss people off along with the Cleveland Indians, Washington Redskins, Atlanta Braves and a handful of college teams.
If you want to have an animal team name but something that is different, here is the list for you. Mix in some of your favorite teams and players with natural disasters to get a funny and creative name.
I do like band names that are simple and tell you exactly where you are heading with their music.
Whether it is a fantasy team, slow pitch softball, beer league hockey, kickball, adult league hoops or whatever. Many of the sport specific names are left off and can be found on their respective pages, but if you’re looking for general team names, these are good places to look. I don’t care for the name the Black Eyed Peas, mainly because it makes me think of the restaurant that I went to once and got really sick from and have since associated it with sick and gross. You know that the band (or person) named Meatloaf has to be a fat bastard with ketchup on his shirt. I hate the neurotic name changing of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim California, USA and wish they’d just pick one and stick with it. Adam, my name is Patti and I’m a manager in the Diagnostic Imaging (radiology) department of a hospital.
We at CustomInk have put together a list of some of our favorite heart walk team names just for you!
I bet if the Raptors could go back in time they would go against naming their basketball team after a dinosaur that has no manual dexterity (kind of like their front court) and was only on the radar because the velociraptors were the coolest part about Jurassic Park. This is a whole other can of worms that I’m not sensitive or smart enough to open but the city has a track record of somewhat controversial team names, and might have done better than Chicago Fire in naming their soccer squad. And it’s because despite what Billy Shakespeare would have you believe, a good name is crucial to success not on the pitch necessarily but for sure off it. I know we have a section for Pro Team names but we also have a special section just for hockey.
Brad H: First off, let me just say the Washington Redskins could easily solve their problems with their offensive team name by changing their mascot and logo to a picture of a delicious red apple. I also like these names: Black Flag, The Darkness, The Clash, OutKast, Guster, Jet, Jurassic 5, and The Roots.

These are great for everything from mud runs, short 5ks or even marathon teams if such a thing exists, never ran one myself. Ok maybe that’s just grasping at straws, there are a lot of stupid names out there and we are forced to live them, or we can ask for new names this Christmas.
I think the Vancouver Canucks have the funniest team name, and if my Canadian friends are accurate, calling your Canadian team the Canucks is akin to naming your Italian soccer team the Venice Goombas. I’m putting a team together for a Heart Walk in May and need some help with creative names! If you’ve got the need for speed, or just like Fantasy Racing here is a good set of racing team names to get you started.
With that out of the way, I think the Arizona Cardinals might want to consider changing their name to something more dangerous than a beautiful bird (and something native to Arizona). Unfortunately these are part of a small selection of non-asinine names used by teams or bands.
The resulting list of the 30 most common team names reveals the jokes football fans make when polite company leaves the room. If you’re running a mud run, Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, zombie run or just a standard running event as a team check out the Obstacle race team namesover at Lazy American.
A great team name not only will help you stand out, it could help you raise more money for your cause! Then you have the squads named after things that are closely associated with cultural, industrial or historical identity of the city. But after my own recent brush with censorship (I was definitely in the wrong) I became aware of how easy it is to offend people, and no matter what joke you make or what you name your team, people will probably cry foul. The Jazz used to be in New Orleans and their team name is in reference to the vibrant music scene of that particular genre in the city.
The Lakers were originally located in Minneapolis, the land of 1,000 Lakes, so it made sense they were named The Lakers. Modern examples that still make sense because the team hasn’t relocated include the Detroit Pistons, Pittsburgh Steelers, New England Patriots, Milwaukee Brewers and the Edmonton Oilers. But if I ever get the chance to name a sports team, and our city just might if the NBA returns, it would pay to think about all the angles, and consider what segment of your fanbase if any that you might be alienating in selecting a certain name.

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