107 Pieces of Survival Gear for Your Car, Home and To-Go BagOutlined below are three disaster kits--one for your home, one for your car and one in a backpack for quick evacuations. Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowA well-stocked disaster kit can save lives in a crisis. The Philippines, due to its location along the Ring of Fire, or typhoon belt, is prone to natural disasters like typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions.

As advised by Red Cross, it is also important to prepare a kit for each member of your family who is able to carry one. When packing food, water and medicine in the into the kits, it is advised to keep track of the expiration date. Water should be replaced every 6 months. Relief agencies recommend that homeowners keep three days' worth of food and water as well as a kit of medical supplies and other essentials in the house at all times.

Older children can prepare their own kits so as the exercise will train them to make disaster preparedness a way of life.

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