Business interruption insurance protects against losses when operations stop due to a natural disaster.
A small-business owner must maintain all appropriate insurance coverage to protect the enterprise. FunctionBusiness interruption insurance is designed to protect a business if it must cease operations due to some event beyond its control.
Time FrameA typical business interruption insurance policy includes a waiting period before coverage commences. SignificanceWithout the compensation available through business interruption insurance, a business may cease to exist when faced with an event that affects its ability to operate, even for a matter of days if not weeks.

ConsiderationsWhen deciding how much business interruption insurance coverage is necessary, a business owner needs to consider everything from payroll to utility expenses.
Insurance to protect businesses and residences against natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods and hurricanes, and against man-made disasters such as terrorist attacks. Catastrophe insurance is different from other types of insurance in that it is difficult to estimate the total potential cost of an insured loss and a catastrophic event results in an extremely large number of claims being filed at the same time.
Included on the list of insurance that is necessary for most small ventures is business interruption insurance. For example, business interruption insurance provides compensation for lost revenue when a business is unable to operate due to a natural disaster.

These low-probability, high-cost events are generally excluded from standard hazard insurance policies, and so catastrophe insurance is required.
Before determining insurance requirements, an owner must understand the definition of business interruption insurance.
Reinsurance and retrocession are used along with catastrophe insurance to manage catastrophe risk.

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