SALT LAKE CITY – The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for areas along northern Utah that is expected to remain in effect until Monday evening. Click here for traffic and roadway condition information from the Utah Department of Transportation. A map by the National Weather Service predicts winter weather spreading through the north-central U.S. December 19, 2012 • The powerful winter storm has prompted avalanche warnings in Utah, and blizzard watches in the Plains states.
October 18, 2012 • The National Weather Service's Climate Prediction Center has released its winter outlook.

Branches and power lines littered the nation's capital after bruising storms swept through the Mid-Atlantic region on Friday night.
April 28, 2011 • The National Weather Service's Storm Reports page tells a lot about how far-reaching the severe weather, which left at least 200 people dead, was on Wednesday. April 27, 2011 • The National Weather Service has issued a rare storm warning, saying the Midwest and South are at risk of deadly tornadoes today. The warning does not apply to the Weber or Davis county portions of the Wasatch Front, nor does it apply to Tooele County in northwest Utah. Its intensity was upgraded to the maximum of EF5, and the weather agency says its winds reached 295 miles an hour.

It says chances are good that some parts of the nation hit hard this year by dry and drought-like conditions won't be getting a "normal" amount of precipitation.

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