In the new wildlife adventure, The Last Lions, filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert follow the epic journey of a lioness ready to try anything—and willing to risk everything—to keep her family alive.
Filmed in Botswana, ‘The Last Lions’ is a haunting portrait of a mother defending her young. A lion roars in ‘The Last Lions,’ a documentary about the 20,000 lions left in Botswana’s Okavango Delta. The veteran filmmakers Dereck and Beverly Joubert are also wildlife conservationists who have lived for the past seven years on Duba Island in Botswana's Okavango Delta, which is where their latest documentary, "The Last Lions," takes place.

Like most wildlife documentaries, "The Last Lions" goes in for quite a bit of hunting and attacking. I'm also a bit suspicious of the rather dubious story line in which lost cubs miraculously arrive on cue and we are repeatedly told what the lioness and the others are thinking. I half expect to hear that Ma di Tau will be available for press interviews.Despite all this, "The Last Lions" is a great way to go on a safari without ever leaving the multiplex. Still, it would be nice for a change to watch a film such as this in which the arrival of packs of hyenas and water buffaloes and lions wasn't a prelude to inevitable carnage.

Instead, a makeshift scenario has been constructed around the plight of a lioness, who attempts to survive alone in the wilds with her three cubs, and whom the film's highfalutin narrator Jeremy Irons dubs Ma di Tau (Mother of Lions).

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