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Egrets, saw grass, and mangroves are counted as part of the unique mix of wildlife that lives in the Everglades National Park. John love the Cinnamon Bay Campground as it's close to the beach and seldom overcrowded.This is a view of the Cruz Bay harbor from a hill just to the north. It is one of the most popular beaches on the island, and the National Geographic Society labeled Trunk Bay as the most beautiful beach in the world.

A fallow, century-long period known as the "subsistence era" followed.Fearful that the Germans might capture the islands during World War I, the United States bought St.
John provides a great deal of insight into the history and culture of the island during the plantation and post-emancipation eras. Cruz Bay, Saint John, BVI Cruz Bay is the main town on the island of Saint John in the United States Virgin Islands. Please note that the 2015 Maps have been updated to reflect the July 2015 changes to the Chapter and Region geography.

John's famous beaches depend upon.In 1493 Columbus sighted the large assemblage of islands and cays and named it after St. John is a quiet, laid back island so it is the perfect care-free vacation destination,A wide variety of water sports can be enjoyed in the U.S.

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