Viewers will be on the edge of their seats during this two-hour movie premiere, during which they will see what it would be like to have no cell phone service, no ATM available, no street lights, no gasoline, no Internet access—for a full 10 days. AMERICAN BLACKOUT combines startling, gritty footage from actual recent blackouts and disasters—Hurricane Sandy and Winter Storm Nemo included—as well as dramatic, feature-film style footage. AMERICAN BLACKOUT premieres on National Geographic Channel this Sunday, October 27, at 9 p.m.

American Blackout, a National Geographic program first aired in October 2013, giving a fictional "docudrama" account of a nationwide electrical blackout in the United States, and its severe aftermath.
The upcoming National Geographic movie event AMERICAN BLACKOUT addresses the possibility of such an attack, resulting in a national power failure.
And, viewers will see what it could be like for ordinary, unprepared Americans during such a catastrophe, as well as how a family of preppers who has planned for the worst could manage.

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