Catch a National Geographic premiere about the natural world of the Americas before European arrival. The fact is that Thanksgiving celebrations were practiced by Native Americans across the continent for millennia as an integral part of their culture. Native American code talkers were used as early as World War I – a time when most American Indians were not even considered citizens, and the use of their languages and other traditional practices were severely restricted. The Battle of Tippecanoe was one of the most pivotal events in the history of North America. The confederacy, representing nations as far away as the Lakota, had formed at the instigation of Tecumseh in reaction to the massive losses of Native American land obtained in the fraudulent Treaty of Fort Wayne. For anyone who is more interested in the subject I highly recommend the second episode of American Experience’s We Shall Remain docudrama series. Jessica Crabtree, Pastel Artist Native American Portraits & Wildlife Original Fine Art PaintingsThanks for visiting my blog!

About MeI am a freelance artist living in Arkansas, US, specializing in historical portraits of American Indians.
Augustine (which is, by the way, the oldest permanent European settlement in North America). The idea of giving thanks as it exists in indigenous culture is actually much closer to the values we purport to celebrate each November, and it was arguably these ideals as put into practice by Native Americans that have given life and meaning to the holiday. The devastated societies of the Shawnee and other nations of the Old Northwest faced an existential threat from the expansion of American settlement , spurring a movement to reclaim their shrinking homelands and boost national sovereignty.
The defeat of allied British and Indian forces in the War of 1812 further ensured American hold on the continent, and Tecumseh’s death in 1813 deprived Indian nations throughout the Midwest of their most proficient leader. I blog about the portrayal and influence of Native Americans in art, history, and the media. Visit the promotional site for trailers, photos, and interesting facts about pre-European America.

Despite attempts by tribal governments to create a sovereign Indian state within the territory, their appeals were denied; Oklahoma was permanently opened to American settlement and admitted to the Union in 1907. William Henry Harrison near modern-day Lafayette, Indiana in an ad hoc preemptive strike that determined the fate of Native American resistance east of the Mississippi.
After numerous failed attempts to appeal the outrageous treaty, Tecumseh spent the year of 1811 traveling the length of the continent, from the Creek nation of Georgia to the Ojibway of Michigan, urging solidarity among the tribes.
As for his Western allies, their initial encounters with the American military in the Midwest set the stage for the Indian Wars of the Great Plains that lasted the duration of the century.
But the American forces under Harrison took advantage of his absence to provoke the tense allies into an attack.

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