The Adelphi University Center for Health Innovation national poll reveals that nearly half of U.S. Current photos and descriptions of pets to use in case you are separated from them during a disaster. Keep in mind that when there is a disaster that causes an evacuation, lodging fills up fast.
We all hope that disaster won’t strike us, but it’s best to be prepared and not need the plan than need a plan and have no idea what to do! You don’t want to waste time trying to find a phone book or searching the web in the event of a disaster.

Today we’re sharing an updated version of the information we previously published about disaster preparedness.
Collar with tag and registered microchip both give the maximum ability to get pets back who go astray during a disaster.
Disaster kits are good to have on hand if you need to evacuate, and they are also filled with handy things in case disaster strikes and you are at home with local stores or delivery services not operating.
Talk to a trusted friend or neighbor in advance about helping evacuate and meet you with your pets in a safe location away from the disaster. In a disaster, fresh water may not be available and our pets, like us, need water to survive.

With hurricane season just around the corner in our part of the country, National Pet Disaster Preparedness Day is a good time to check and see if you’re prepared in case of emergency.
Pets may be frightened during a disaster and can slip out of standard collars and leashes so slip leads, which tighten the more a dog pulls, are a very good idea. Keep in mind that communication is often limited during a disaster and you may not be able to reach your friends or family members by phone to give them instructions.

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