In National Geographic Kids, children can play interactive adventures, solve puzzles and quizzes and play numerous other games that teach children a great deal about nature, geography, conservation and more. There are many online gaming sites for children all across the Internet, but few of them have a core mission of educating children. Due to the lofty goals of the National Geographic Society, it stands to reason that the website would offer far more than just arcade games and cute cartoons.
Videos: This fun area offers fun, educational and sometimes wacky videos based on nature and science that kids will love to watch. Photos: National Geographic is famous for world-class photography, and this section of the Kids' area proves it, with photo stories including Women Pioneers, Volcanoes and The Moon as just a few examples.
In addition to the more interactive games, there is also the puzzles & quizzes area of the National Geographic Kids website that lets children test their knowledge through very fun graphical quizzes. National Geographic is one of those websites with a central goal that goes far beyond fun and games. Sections include top stories, animals & nature, people & places, science & space, history and more. Each one features realistic graphics and fluid game play that will keep children interested and involved from start to finish.

In many cases, without even realizing it, they are also learning a great deal about the natural world around them, as well as valuable and important ways to conserve it.
In addition to the large game area, National Geographic Kids also offers areas that teach kids about animals, offers videos about nature that kids would love, a wonderful story area filled with true nature and science stories, and other areas that offer countless educational opportunities for both educators and parents to use with children. Stories: This section offers both stories and images that tell true stories about the natural world. While the children's games area is sure to keep any child occupied and learning for a long time, the other areas of National Geographic Kids are just as valuable and important.
This section includes action games, interactive adventures, puzzles & quizzes, geography games and an assortment of other games for both learning and just for fun. This is because children most often come to National Geographic Kids in search of fun games. The images are fun and created from high resolution photographs that National Geographic is famous for, such as leaves or snowflakes. Here, kids can take Geography quizzes to test how much they really know, or try their hand at creative and interactive games like the Crittercam: African Adventure, where they must locate and then record video of lions in northern Kenya. National Geographic Kids provides eight major areas that children will never get bored exploring.

All of the sections of National Geographic Kids above offer many valuable free resources to greatly enhance the process of learning about nature and science.
National Geographic was founded in 1888 and is currently one of the largest non-profit organizations in the world devoted to the promotion of natural science as well as environmental conservation. Games: The games section is the largest and most popular area within National Geographic Kids. National Geographic is one of the hidden educational secrets on the web, as few people are aware of the educational value of this section of the National Geographic website. National Geographic takes advantage of this desire for fun to teach children important lessons about science and nature by combining fun with important lessons.

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