At least 67,819 people were shifted to 86 relief camps across the state16 tanks were breached and 413.9 km of roads damaged.
Estimated damage caused by the hurricane is at over $63 billion.A total of 19,729 flights were cancelled across the US between Oct 27 and Nov 1. Each disaster and measures, procedures and arrangements (using BCP methodology) to ensure minimal. Fifteen sailors were rescued on November 1 from the ship, which had a crew of 37 on board.The grounded ship MT Pratibha Cauvery was later salvaged by a towing vessel Malavya on November 11. At least 306 people were killed, 3,037 injured, and several villages heavily damaged or destroyed across the region.

It was an earthquake in the undersea killing ample amount of people and communities all over.
However, in the year 1975 a heavy rainfall occurred pouring a record-breaking rain in the 24 years.
It finished the area of 55 kilometers causing 231000 deaths all over.1976 – Tangshan EarthquakeThe Tangshan earthquake is amongst the largest earthquakes ever taken place in the world.
It took place in the Tangshan in the Hebei in China with the population of around one million inhabitants.
It killed around 242,000 people.1642 – Kaifeng FloodKaifeng is a city in Henan province and is situated in the southern bank of the yellow river.

The city was flooded in the year 1642 by the army to stop the peasant named Rebel Li Zicheng to take over. The death count in the cyclone was 300,000 and above.Shaanxi Earthquake  in the year 1556It is a deadliest earthquake on record with a death count of almost 830,000 people. It is also amongst the deadliest tropical cyclone ever recorded, and one of the deadliest disasters of all the time.African DroughtFrom the year 1981 to the year 1984, the continent Africa was suffered because of the drought, which taking place in the twenty nations.

Physical map of usa with rivers and mountains
School district emergency preparedness plan


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