Christopher GrangerTampa Bay Movie ExaminerChristopher Granger has been a teacher in the Hillsborough County School System since 2000. Apocalypse Now was finally released during 1979, after a highly troubled and problematic shoot, which began in 1975. The movie follows Captain Willard (Sheen), who is tasked with killing a renegade army Colonel by the name of Kurtz (Brando).

You have to remember one important difference between harrowing recent film portrayals of Middle Eastern combat, such as The Hurt Locker and American Sniper, and Apocalypse Now, a terrifying look at the Vietnam War.
The Shining and Apocalypse Now are arguably the biggest films, followed by Roman Holiday, Sid & Nancy, and the disorienting The Island of Dr.
The full list of movies is below, along with titles you’ll be able to rent or purchase.

It was probably inevitable that it would not win Best Picture at the Oscars, as another Vietnam movie (The Deer Hunter) had won the previous year.

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