For seniors embracing an independent lifestyle, MobileHelp(R) recently introduced its Cellular DUO System -- the industry's most complete medical alert system supporting automatic fall detection and online health applications without the need for a landline in the home. The device is equipped with a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer that detects motion and spatial orientation with great accuracy, the Wellcore proprietary software then processes the data coming from the sensor using statistical pattern recognition, allowing the system to recognize falls and other daily activity, and distinguish human falls from other type of impacts.
Additionally, motion detection allows the Wellcore system to know if it is worn unlike most competitive devices.Features (from the press release)Detects falls automatically and sends help in an emergency.

If an emergency is determined or there is no response, Wellcore sends emergency services and alerts designated caregivers and family. The dashboard also displays notifications and alerts concerning everyday activity and safety.Delivers messages to stay connected. If you are interested in wellness and medical gadgets check out our related articles:C103 GPS E-Care Hub Keruve 2010 GPS tracking system for Alzheimer patients GPS Shoes Help Track Alzheimers Patients Bari for remote patient care Intel Launches Home Health Care Device Wireless Health Monitoring System For health related product at CES, check out the Digital Health Summit website Filed in Medical.

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