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The best way to learn how to identify, evaluate and manage agricultural risk is to apply what you’ve learned to real life farming scenarios. Liquidating the dairy could negatively impact profitability and increase risk—even if the income made from acquiring 500 additional acres offsets income lost.
The farm ultimately decided against hog expansion because of the risk of losses, as well as its potential to increase the farm’s debt-to-asset ratio.

In order to better manage price risk, Levi uses futures and options as part of his marketing strategy.
Navigating the Uncertainties of Family Business Relationships As Levi Huffman, General Manager of Huffman & Hawbaker Farms, boarded a plane headed to Lincoln, Nebraska for the annual North Central Risk Management Advisory Board Meeting, he reflected on the risks in farming. Risk Management Definition Definition: Development, evaluation and monitoring of risk factors. Test your risk management critical thinking skills by choosing a risk type and strategy below.

Prioritization of risks and identification of contingency plans to address significant risks.
Recently, it’s become abundantly clear to Levi that times are changing, and soon, a new generation of landowners will be assuming control, bringing with them a whole new range of risks.

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