Members of the military and their family members are often given discounts when they need to travel, as a way for airlines to thank them for their service to the country.
Use a search engine specifically designed for military members looking for discount travel. Thanks to your generosity, we have provided more than 58,000 tickets to wounded, injured, and ill service members and their families, worth nearly $88 million.
The Fisher House Magazine features stories and highlights from our comfort homes and programs for military and veterans’ families. Government airfares are negotiated with airlines and travel companies but military discounts, used for personal travel, are determined by the airline only. This will give you access to the lower government rate, and you might be able to get an additional military discount on top of that lower rate. These are also known as Space A flights or "military hops." Active and retired members of the military can fly for free when there are empty seats available on a flight.

Due to security concerns, the number of Space A seats has been reduced since September 11th and it can be harder for military members to get a free seat. Some airlines offer a specific fare for members of the military and others offer a discount, either as a percentage off or a discount in dollars. For example, the 5 percent savings on United Airlines is great, but you can do an Internet search on a discount travel site like Expedia, Kayak, Hotwire or Priceline and find fares that are even lower than the price quotes you get directly from commercial airlines with your military discount.
The discount varies based on the service fee charged for that ticket and the value of a discount will be up to the amount of the service fee charged for that transaction, or $15 per transaction, whichever is less. Just to make their traveling experiences effortless, SmartFares has introduced exclusive Military Travel deals to make travel convenient for Military personnel. Whether you are reporting for duty or returning back, let us help you save on military tickets for an enjoyable and relaxing vacation.
Many members of the military check with their favorite airlines, or shop around for the best discounts.

Members of the military and their families get a 5 percent discount on flights as well as other benefits. With our military airfares, so low, you can go for a long vacation or a weekend getaway to your favorite destination.
Get military discount on flights by separating official travel from personal travel, determining how much flexibility you have in your travel plans and conducting an Internet search for the best military rate.

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