Okay, well if you’d like to make that call you can apply to be a cabin manager and then play with the lights all you like. The results from the Vascular Events In Non-cardiac Surgery Patients Cohort Evaluation (VISION) study, the largest international prospective study evaluating complications after surgery, have just been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).
Second, statistically speaking hospitals are just about the most dangerous places to be in the United States. The Journal of the American Medical Association reports that nearly 100,000 people die annually in hospitals from medical errors. In other words, hospitals are very dangerous places.  It would take about 200 747 airplanes to crash annually to equal 100,000 preventable deaths. Fourth, health care reform will make connectivity, electronic medical records, and transparency commonplace in health care. A standardized recording system for all in-flight medical emergencies, with mandatory reporting of each incident to the National Transportation Safety Board.
Airlines should create a standard emergency medical kit with identical elements available in identical locations on every flight.
Enhanced and standardized training for flight attendants, including the clear obligation that a single flight attendant is assigned during emergencies and stay nearby until the patient is safe. Standardized flight crew communication with ground-to-air medical support available on all flights when there are no health care professionals available. Any malady that can occur on the ground can happen in the air, and the altitude while on a commercial aircraft can even exacerbate certain medical conditions.
For German airline Lufthansa, there are about 3,000 passenger medical emergencies that occur on board each year. As mentioned above, Lufthansa averages 3,000 on-board medical emergencies of varying levels of severity each year. On a Lufthansa flight, making a public call for any medical professionals on the plane is a last resort.
Only certain seats can be converted for stretchers, so they put them at the less desirable rear of the plane where the patients can easily be loaded from the rear door. For the purpose of emergency evacuation of the sick and injured people LLC “Aviation Industrial Company VECTOR” performs aviation work on the helicopters that have been equipped with a medical module in the Sverdlovsk region and the Tatarstan Republic. In accordance of the necessity of organization of such transport, we ask you to consider the use of your aircraft with a removable medical units to deliver the sick and injured people.

Three times as many people die every year due to medical errors in hospitals as die on our highways — 100,000 deaths compared to 34,000.
Recent studies reveal that the average wait time in American hospital emergency rooms is approximately 4 hours. According to researchers from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, only 18% of 192 pharmaceutical advertisements in biomedical journals were compliant with FDA guidelines. Deborah Korenstein, lead author of the study and Associate Professor of Medicine at Mount Sinai School of Medicine is concerned by the lack of adherence. This approach should include a systematic debriefing of anyone directly involved with the in-flight medical emergency. That means that some people may be more likely to need medical assistance in the air than they do on the ground. Of those, an average of 54 emergencies are serious enough that they require the flight to be diverted so that a patient can obtain urgent medical care. Just like any other airline, their flight attendants receive regular training on inflight first aid and emergency procedures. The doctors are issued a handbook about aviation medicine, as well as receiving news and information via both the internet and postal mailings.
These kits are filled with high-quality medical equipment and a large selection of drugs and medications that may be needed in case of an emergency.
There are a variety of medical situations in which a person may be able to fly with certain accommodations. On aircraft where the Economy cabin has rows of two seats along the side of the plane, that caretaker would sit across the aisle from the patient being transported. In certain cases, the best option for a patient’s recovery is to evacuate them to a country where better medical care is available. It enables the airline to respond as necessary whether an emergency effects one patient or many.
Given the above number of admissions that means that 1 out of every 370 people admitted to a hospital dies due to medical errors. With commercial air traffic increasing, these emergencies are expected to become more frequent, especially as the percentage of older people increases. Typically, that evacuation takes place on a small air ambulance jet that has been specially equipped for this mission.

In the back of the plane again I spray the around the ground level exits, the galley and the lavs.
Although flight attendants are required to undergo initial and recurrent training on aviation medicine, first aid, CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED) usage every 12–24 months, EMTs, paramedics and other medical professionals are still called upon to provide assessment and treatment of passengers who become ill in flight. Not only is the airline well prepared for any emergency that may arise in flight, they are also ready to treat those who need care before they board the aircraft. If one seat isn’t quite enough space for a person with a medical condition, Lufthansa can provide an empty seat next to them for a fee on all flights. Due to emergency egress requirements, the stretcher must be positioned along the side of the aircraft. In addition to managing the operational logistics, this team also ensures that the patient is medically cleared for travel.
Several rows of economy class seats in the center section at the rear of the plane are removed.
Federal and state budgets are getting crushed by the costs of health care entitlement programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid.
Researchers looked at prescription pharmaceutical ads published in nine major peer-reviewed journals, including: the Annals of Internal Medicine,  Blood,  JAMA and the New England Journal of Medicine, during the month of November 2008. Finally, they are given the opportunity to participate in a course on aviation medicine and on-board emergency handling, for which they are paid an additional fee. The compartment was designed by Lufthansa’s medical department, and is built and sold by Lufthansa Technik. Within the current issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association, Melissa Mattison, MD and Mark Zeidel, MD, note that the kinds of approaches that have improved flight safety have not been extended to providing optimal care for passengers who become acutely ill while on board airplanes.
And while emergency medical kits are mandated to contain medications and equipment, actual kits vary by airline. As a result, paramedics and physicians responding to emergencies can face a broad array of challenges including cramped physical space, emergency kits whose contents are unfamiliar, inadequate, and poorly organized, and flight crews unaware of how best to assist the physicians.

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