Once you have achieved level 50 in both your class and profession you can continue to expand your capabilities with the Master System. Other than the increase in the levels, there will also be minor adjustments to the character user interface and new fields and dungeons to train and conquer. Characters that have advanced to the Master Level will no longer receive Class and Job experience point.
You will have to pay a certain amount of Rupees in order to advance to the next Master level. There are however, no death penalty inside War of Emperium, Colosseum and Master Jehoon's Training Site.

Due to the update of the Master Level, some skills have been re-balanced and their level have been updated to max at a higher level.
In this Master Level content update, the Monster's ability in the game have been re-balanced. Offering nearly infinite customizability of your equipment, Stat and Skills choices, the Master Level system will expand your capabilities beyond anything you’ve seen before!
Players who are already level 50 can now extend their levels beyond with the addition of 50 Job Master Levels to master and sharpen their fighting skills for more challenging tasks and improve their battle strategies in the world of Ragnarok Online 2. In order to be a Master of your class, you must reach the following achievements before you are allowed to become a Master Class.

Furthermore, the new Total Stats obtained will be as the following (disregarding stats bought via Master Level Points). With this increase in level, players will also be able to hunt for better weapons and equipment to complement their new found strength. Other than that, players can also stand to win a Razer Black Widow Mechanical Keyboard if they join the Grand Master Race in-game activity too!

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