Research earthquakes and how they are detected and measured then make a simulated seismograph. Students work together with one partner jiggling the box and the other pulling the paper through to get a continuous reading of the magnitude of the simulated earthquake. Student teams cover the sides of their earthquake detector with information about a specific earthquake. Select an earthquake from a time period that the classis currently studying or has studied this school year.
With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. I grew up in California, and have had the fortune of experiencing every major earthquake in this state since I was born.
One of the many perks of using a laser cutter is being able to make precision housing for your project. I used a laser cutter to make my own personal enclosure, but one could easily modify a pre-made project enclosure to suit the needs of this project.

If you want to focus on earthquake motions you probably want to detect the vertically moving primary waves.
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All you’ll need for your DIY Earthquake Detection Kit is some googly eyes, glue, paper, and either a printer or a sharpie.
Students focus on the earth processes that work to cause earthquakes, including diagrams to illustrate what actually happens during an earthquake. I wonder how sensitave this would be as we have just had an earthquake that caused us to loose water for 2 weeks and power for a month and killed 300. I have been on the west coast my whole life, and have grown accustomed to earthquakes, I have noticed that my best earthquake detector is my dog - she goes and sits in my closet maybe 20 minutes before there is one. We often discuss the possible ways animals may help us predict earthquakes, or the science behind trying to predict the when and where through gadgets.
That is still a ways off, but in the mean time, there are warning systems that can help you stay alert -- and there's at least one you can make yourself.Instructable user Andrewblog came up with a design for an earthquake sensor.

Investigate the science of earthquake detection, including seismographs and the Richter magnitude scale. Living in such a seismically active state, there are earthquakes all the time that most people don't even feel! Andrewblog states, "When an earthquake hits a primary wave and a destructive wave travel through the earth surface. An high sensitive earthquake detector feels the small tremor some seconds before the big earthquake, and puts out a sound alarm.
When the sensor shakes, a M3 screw fixed on the lever will touch the horizontal spring, and it will close a delay off circuit which drives a piezoelectric bell."The problem with this device is how to keep it from detecting footfalls or other non-earthquake-y shakes that trigger the alarm.

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