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Electrical connections for magnetic proximity sensors can be fixed cable, connector(s), and terminals.
Self-teaching proximity sensors can be auto-calibrated to trigger the switch at a specific target location.
Enclosure ratings are specified by "National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA)" or "Ingress Protection (IP)" ratings.
Magneto-resistive proximity sensors measure the magneto-resistive effect or the impact of the resistivity of a ferromagnetic material in the presence of a magnetic field. Inductive Proximity Sensors - Inductive proximity sensor comprises an LC oscillating circuit, a signal evaluator, and a switching amplifier. Hall effect position sensors are non-contact devices that convert energy from a magnetic field into an electrical signal.
Hall effect proximity sensors are used to detect the proximity, presence or absence of a magnetic object using a critical distance.

Magnetic speed sensors rely on a magnet as the sensing element or sensed target to capture rotational or linear speed. Magnetoresistive linear position sensors and switches have a linear resistance output signal representing the distance an object is from a reference point.
Variable reluctance linear position sensors and switches are non-contact devices that use variable reluctance based technology, and whose output signal represents the distance between an object and a reference point.
The sensor is separated from the switching mechanism and provides a limit of travel detection signal. Potentiometers are commonly used to control the magnetic field strength or detection range. The target, characterized by its magnetic field, triggers the switching process when it enters the detection range of the sensor. NPN is a transistor output that switches the common or negative voltage to the load; load connected between sensor output and positive voltage supply. There are several operating principles used including reed switches, inductive, variable reluctance, magneto resistive or hall effect sensors.

Inductive linear position sensors and switches are noncontact devices that determine an object's coordinates (linear or angular) with respect to a reference.
Magnetic proximity sensors are non-contact proximity devices that are used to detect magnetic objects (e.g.
They use the Hall effect, a voltage caused by current-flow in the presence of a magnetic field. PNP is a transistor output that switches the positive voltage to the load; load connected between sensor output and voltage supply common or negative. Variable reluctance proximity sensors are comprised of a permanent magnet and a pick up coil.

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