It's impossible to ignore that in the middle of it all, there are all Lowe's customers and employees who could lose everything.
Elaine Pittman is the associate editor for Government Technology, Public CIO and Emergency Management.
About 200 people are working with the Command Center to coordinate truckloads of products that will be needed before and after the storm. Absher says Lowe's stores all have backup generators so that even if power is out in a community, their stores can remain open and operating.
In a matter of days, the Disaster Command Center will transition from organizing pre-storm survival supplies to post-storm cleanup supplies.

But it’s also important that government and industry share how their command centers work.
He's got a close eye on his AccuWeather maps, pinpointing more than 300 Lowe's stores in the path of flooding, snowfall or both. With hundreds of locations nationally and globally, big-box companies like Lowe’s and Target have become masters of disaster recovery and business continuity. In November 2010, FEMA began allowing private-sector representatives to observe its operations center, with an executive from Target spending 90 days there. Many in the public and private sectors have created EOCs that function as command centers during emergencies.

For example, during emergencies, the nonprofit California Resiliency Alliance serves as a liaison between government and its member business organizations. Another important aspect is giving private-sector workers a role in a government operations center.

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