Offers software solutions that help customers operate a comprehensive and professional Business Continuity plan across the enterprise. LDRPS Plan Navigators will guide you to build the following types of Plans: Crisis Management Site Event Management Business Recovery Application Recovery ( IT Planning) Create Your Own to meet YOUR Needs! AS Software solutions include business risk assessment, Business Continuity plan development, emergency notification in the event of a business disruption and virtual command center functionality.
Navigators provide expert methodology for managing several types of plans, including: Business Process Recovery plans that are used to maintain and restore key business functions, or, the operations an organization needs to perform in order to stay in business. Application Recovery plans designed to maintain and restore key applications an organization relies upon.

Solution The Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS) from SunGard provides a centralized system for updating and maintaining Emergency Response, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plans.
It delivers a well-focused, detailed picture of financial and operational vulnerabilities, impacts and recovery strategies. The most vital issues regarding the recovery of critical processes, tasks and employees can be escalated, and critical team members can access the system and document recovery efforts anywhere they have Internet access. With the Planning Resources report, every resource, logistic and person that must be involved in order to fully recover is identified. Like the Dependency Map, this report provides planners a good visual of what needs to be done, who needs to do it and when it must be done during any moment of the recovery process.

This streamlined view of operations enables an organization to see the exact order of what needs to be recovered in a very direct manner.

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