At home, I try and keep packaged, processed food to a minimum (and we eat a lot less treats) but for camping, packaged food is really helpful. I tend to pre-prepare most of the fresh food (washing it, cutting it up where necessary) to make things easy. Don’t put bananas in an Esky with other food or everything will smell and taste like banana. Bread tends to get stale quickly, so either buy fresh every day (if you have access to shops) or plan your fresh bread meal on the first camping day.

For eggs, you can purchased a plastic egg carton container from camping shops to store eggs (there’s nothing quite so bad as a cracked egg throughout an ice box). I keep all condiments with our camping gear so it’s already packed in its own container.
We are taking our first family camping trip and I was so nervous about packing everything I need. You can never have too much food on a camping trip - especially when you are camping with children!

I find that the washing basket keeps things organised and can be loaded in the car allowing easy access to food while traveling if the campsite is a distance away; I reorganise the food once I get set up at the campsite. When I get to the campsite, I buy ice for the Ice Box and move the ice bricks to the Esky to keep other items cold (see pantry food above).

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