Learn the shocking details and damaging power of lightning firsthand by spinning up your own virtual thunderbolts.
We have learned about devastating forces of nature like earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes and today, we are here to learn yet another – lightning.
Founder and Chief Editor of Facts Legend, Sankalan believes that information should be free. It can be an intra-cloud or IC lightning where electrostatic discharge takes place between different electrically charged zones of a single cloud.

CG lightning or cloud-to-ground lightning is a type where electrostatic discharge takes place between cloud and ground. The average striking length of a regular lightning is about 2 to 3 miles and carries electricity of nearly 100 million volts.
Light travels faster than sound and that’s why lightning strike can be seen first and then the thunder can be heard. This type of lightning is known for hitting ground at a distance of 20 miles from the storm.

This article on 40 interesting lightning facts is going to walk you through some really mind-blowing facts you were possibly unaware of. The process forms a channel through which electricity is transferred as lightning.Some types of lightning, including the most common types, never leave the clouds but travel between differently charged areas within or between clouds.

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