By having a supply of food it means we can go without making trips to the store if we don't need to. Starting your own food storage stash isn't difficult; in fact it's as simple as picking up a few extra things each time you head to the store. Your food storage doesn't have to be filled with small cans, it can have a grain mill and whole ingredients instead.
Sometimes preparing meals in advance can be a great way to eat your way through your food storage from year to year.

No one is going to the store and coming back with 500 cans of black beans, so don't worry about looking like the crazy person at the grocer — and if a year's supply seems extreme, shoot for 3 months instead!
Determine What You EatThis sounds silly, but in your food stash, you don't really want things you don't eat. Freeze It!For those that have the space, freezing meals in either individual portions like what's pictured here or in full pan size portions is a great way to have meals on hand using ingredients from your food storage. Don't Forget To DateWhen you bring home or pack up items for your food storage, it's important to live by the philosophy of the first in is the first out.

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