Below, is a sample disaster recovery plan template form created with MS Word for the Mission Critical Planner. It should certainly help you to ensure that both the plan and contingency arrangements are adequate for your needs, however.
It can be used as the basis for the production of an entirely new plan or as a checklist to audit against and existing plan. There are certain methods to creating a solid disaster recovery plan that every IT manager should follow.
The scope of this plan is to define the recovery steps in the event of a domain controller failure. This is the heart of your disaster recovery plan and should include as many pictures, data flows and diagrams as possible. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan for small businesses need effectual strategies to deal with and to recover from disrupting occurrences. It is apparent that disasters such as earthquake, floods, hurricanes and several other disasters inflict thousands of businesses to suffer heavy losses and many of them even get locked.

The easiest way to create your disaster recovery document is to start with a framework and then address the details.
These steps will help overcome any writer's block that comes with the seemingly overwhelming task of creating a document such as a disaster recovery plan.
This Disaster Recovery Plan template describes the IT framework and procedures to be activated in the event of a disaster occurring.
This Disaster Recovery Plan will help you establish procedures to recover systems following a disruption. This item is designed to assist with the review and audit your disaster recovery or contingency plan.
The scope of this plan is to recover from a loss of SQL Server 2005 Integration and Analysis Services.
The key to the process layering diagram is in building a complete high-level picture of the scope of the Windows disaster recovery plan.
As an owner of a small business, it becomes unavoidable to protect critical units of your organization, including your IT server room, power utilities, and highly expensive and heavy equipments including employees and customers from injury within your business premises in an event of disaster.

Don't forget to include contacts for the business layer -- they will ultimately have to sign off that any recovery efforts were successful. This DR Plan includes a 32 page MS Word template and 7 Excel spreadsheets as well as Business Impact Analysis, Damage Assessment Report and Test Report templates. It covers the status of the recovery plan itself, and explores in detail the actual content of the plan, covering everything from business function definition to return to normal operations.
In the interrogation stage of the disaster recovery plan, you begin to ask questions, fill in the gaps and ultimately gather the knowledge points that currently reside with the key players in your organization. It describes the IT framework and procedures to be activated in the event of a disaster occurring. A scope statement, process layering, interrogation and a contact list become the skeleton of your DRP document, and you can use the document for more than just a DRP plan to have on file.

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