Spend 10 minutes with this FREE online survey and you’ll see immediately a Benchmark Score that rates your disaster recovery preparedness compared with other companies who’ve participated.
Free DR Preparedness 2014 Annual ReportGet our new "State of Global Disaster Recovery" 2014 Annual Report free! Any no-nonsense, ready-for-any-storm business owner is aware of the detriments of not having a disaster ready IT infrastructure.
Disasters are not limited to software and hardware failures, there are also physical and external forces like fires, sudden floods, and earthquakes that can seriously damage your IT infrastructure, worse case scenario; you don’t want a fully disabled IT in the middle of an important system migration with an offshore client! There are IT system server software that have capabilities in running applications and machine virtualization in the advent of a disaster.

Having a breakdown of an IT inventory through data gathering is a big help since you will know when to copy your data and applications and ready it as a restore plan to re-install business critical apps for your users in the office if a disaster hits you. Having a failed internet provider and mobile carrier is also another scenario when disaster strikes. The virtualization brought about by the software creates “snapshots” or copies of your physical server and provides the current applications and configurations that you need when you experience a disaster.
Disaster preparedness is almost always an on-the-fly decision management heads to create contingency plans for the IT system and covers the magnitude of how large the system is. Once these considerations have been adequately vetted, an informed decision about how to source disaster recovery capabilities can be made with a reasonable degree of confidence.

You need to think about how your business can still function in the outset of a disaster and how your IT team and other staff will cope with a limited IT infrastructure in hand.

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