The Great Big Fire Engine Book by Tibor Gergely was written in 1950 and was a great tool to talk about how firefighting has changed in the last 60 plus years. Firefighters to the Rescue by Kersten Hamilton is a beautifully illustrated look at the heroic happenings of a group of firefighters. The Little Fire Engine  by Lois Lenski is a simple little book about a fire engine that goes to put out fires.
I Want to Be a Fire Fighter (Sesame Street) by Linda Lee Maifair was a Goodwill find and a great bargain considering we have read this book countless times. Big Frank’s Fire Truck  by Leslie McGuire is another book that manages to tell a good story and fit a heck of a lot of facts about firefighters and all the different things they do as part of their job. Richard Scarry’s Busiest Firefighters Ever (Little Golden Books) is a throw back to my childhood and one thing I know for certain is that when you are excited about a book your kids will be too.
All Aboard Fire Trucks by Teddy Slater is never where i expect it to be in my house, because my son carries it around to read all by himself. Even Firefighters Go to the Potty: A Potty Training Lift-the-Flap Story by Wendy  and Naomi Wax is another favorite of my son but I wasn’t as impressed.
A Small Christmas by Wong Herbert Yee is about as perfect a Christmas book as my son could ever read.
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The Firefighters’ Thanksgiving is a fabulous book about the firefighters who work even on holidays – and how the people they help give back to them! I’m happy to hear what you have to say about flashing fire engines by tony mitton and ant parker, a friend bought this for my boy and this is what has made him so obsessed with fire engines.
Bertrang also says the new engines will help crews fight fires more effectively in newer buildings.
Viewers with disabilities can get assistance accessing this station's FCC Public Inspection File by contacting the station with the information listed below.
Unlike most countries where they use chassis from semi-trailers Russia takes a more kick ass rout by using military equipment for their fire engines. It was more of a coincidence, I didn't aim to have two Calgary's, let alone three Albertian trucks, but in trying to find interesting trucks it just happened.
You know a fire truck is seriously badass when it is picked to be Sentinel Prime in a Transformers movie.
Farnborough Airport (Hampshire) is a business airport though, so they probably have bare dolla to blow on fancy fire engines from the future.
Don't be ashamed, standard equipment for airport fire & rescue services isn't a core subject in the GCSE's.

In the Bush (forestry area) here in New Zealand, Scania trucks are quite common because they have easily deflatable tires and air-floating cabs.
I like trucks and stuff, my Dad has been driving for near 30 years and I grew up around them.
This is a book for preschoolers who want to go a little more in depth with fire safety and what fire fighters do.
Demarest is an alphabet book that teaches about fire safety and the danger firefighters face every time the alarm sounds. My son loved Big Frank, probably in part because he’s so big he almost looks like a firefighting super hero.
I told my son how much I loved Richard Scarry books as a kid and he was that much more excited to read.  The story is familiar but there is something about Busytown that just makes the story more fun. No at 3 he isn’t reading yet instead he’s memorized much of this text and likes to sit and go over the many types of fire vehicles that are discussed in this very detailed book.  I have learned a lot from this book.
My son is obsessed with firefighters, he rescues his baby sister all day long and the sound of sirens are pretty much a given day or night in our house.
My son is currently obsessed with fires and fireman, so I will definitely be pinning this post and looking back to it as we collect more books.
I just found out my four-year-old niece has decided she wants to be a firefighter and the Mark Teague book is perfect!
So we are dealing with a different type of firefighting than we saw when we bought the old trucks. Some of these are clearly ladder trucks only, others primary purpose appears to be carrying water to the fire. The shape of the cab is for visibility while fighting a fire or tending to a spill from the drivers seat. They're designed to stab into the fuselage of an aircraft and spray it full of firefighting foam.
The Landcusiers are very similar to the Landcruisers (if not the same) as the Volunteer Fire Service. Here are 20 children’s books about firefighters and trucks we have reviewed over the years. My son is fascinated with firefighters right now, he loves to dress up as one at preschool and we often take the long way home to swing past the station and see if the engines are in or not.  He loves this book but I don’t think your child needs to have the level of obsession mine does to enjoy it.
In it Grover is getting ready to have a visit from his uncle who is a firefighter and so he decides to play pretend firefighter. What I liked was how the book did a good job explaining not just about how they fight fires but how firefighters also teach fire safety, check alarms at businesses and attend to car accidents.

The book is a rhyming masterpiece, somehow keeping up the rhyming pace as it explains how firefighters fight fires and rescue people! It covers the basics but also goes into the more specialized fire vehicles like airport firetrucks, foam units for chemical fires and bulldozers used in forest fires.  If your child gasps every time they see a firetruck, can tell a pumper from a ladder and dreams of fighting fires, they will love this informative book! Edward the dog goes to visit the fire station and while he is there there is an emergency and he saves the day.
The author has a knack for sharing information with her readers in a fun, simple way that is perfect for preschoolers. Fireman Small is a tiny firefighter that children immediately relate to because he is little. So with the higher capacity pumps in the new trucks we can get more water and we can put out fires quicker, safer and more efficiently," Bertrang explained.
He dresses up ( using a mix of found items – yay for creativity) and then after his uncle arrives they visit his fire station.
I particularly love that there is a fire boat in the book since we often see those around here.
This book is no exception to her other great books.  I particularly enjoy some of the vocabulary she uses in this book about Firefighter Frank, words like shrill, intense, and exhausted. As always we want to hear your opinion about the books we feature so leave a comment telling us your take on these books.
He gets a tour and finds out why there is dinner on the table but no firefighters anywhere, because they are out on a call. Simple book for fire engine lovers from an author who is consistently well loved by both my kids. This book covers all the major types of vehicles used to fight fires, a pumper, an aerial ladder truck, fire chief’s truck, rescue truck and fire boat. They aren’t obscure words but they are not often seen in books geared to those as young as this one, and the context is supportive so that even a young child can help decipher the meaning of the words.  The book itself tells a simple( and common) story but between the author’s ability to tell the story better than other authors, and the bright and beautiful illustrations this books stands out from the firefighter crowd. In this installment though it’s not a fire he rushes to but Santa’s aid.  Your child doesn’t need to be as nuts about firefighters as my son is to enjoy this sweet holiday book. Just the right amount of info is given for each and the illustrations support the text well. If your child isn’t into fire trucks I wouldn’t go searching out this book but if they are it’s a a worthy addition to your library of fire truck books.

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