When I needed to buy boat insurance for our 30-foot Black Watch, the No Problem, I didn’t know where to begin.
Essentially, there are three different ways to write marine insurance, and which one is right for you depends on how you plan to fish with your boat.
If you take a minute and think about it, properly stored gear and tackle can only help us on and off the water. Once the boat is cleaned, remember to leave the interior doors and lockers open so air can circulate.
Instead, look for a discount on your policy for the months when your boat is off the water. For instance, if your boat starts taking on water and you are deemed to be fishing commercially, your insurance policy will not cover the loss unless you have a Sell Catch endorsement on your policy. Your automobile driving record, boating experience, maximum speed of your boat, or past losses can all affect your premium cost in a negative way.
If your boat is more than 10 years old, you may be required to obtain a survey, and one may then be required every three years after that. You might want to put out some moisture and odor absorbers such as DampRid or ZoneDry just before you close up the boat. Some companies require a survey for any boat 26 feet and up, while others set the limit at 30 feet and up.
The only thing that would be worse would be getting to next spring and finding out that your boat winterization efforts weren’t properly executed and your fun on the water will continue its hiatus until your boat is fixed.
Also, a coastal policy will cover you inland, but an inland policy will not cover you in coastal waters.
Others make sure the batteries are fully charged before haul-out and leave them in the boat.
Colder weather is just around the corner, which means that it is time to start thinking about removing your boat from the water and preparing it for storage for the off-season.
Most people will store their boats in their garage or the driveway, taking up precious space. In order to keep your boat in the best working order for the next boating season, you should make sure that you are properly preparing the boat.
Leave interior doors and lockers open so that air can circulate while the boat is in storage. Keeping an organized boat may be taken for granted, but when time is of the essences, the pros don’t mess around.
He or she will review how you plan to use your boat and explain exactly what is and isn’t covered if a catastrophe strikes.
The boat is still fully covered as long as it’s not a live-aboard, isn’t able to navigate, and is not ready for immediate use—in other words, as long as it’s winterized. Not only is boat self storage a great choice for placing your boat in the winter months, there are also several other reasons to consider storing your boat. Security – Compare the security features at self storage facilities compared to your driveway or a marina.
Now that we’ve answered these questions, it’s time to get your boat to the storage facility and store it for the winter months.
Option 1 – A climate controlled storage unit may be the best way to guarantee your boat is protected from the outdoor elements.
Option 2 – Outdoor storage is also an option for people in less harsh winter climates. We are confident if you follow these boat storage tips your boat will be safe and secure until you are ready to cruise the waves again!

Canceling your policy while your boat is in storage off the water is not recommended, as accidents can still happen. Taking his tackle storage one step further, McDonald not only keeps his boat organized, but his garage is organized with Rubbermaid containers for specific lakes. Once you are done winterizing your boat, it’s time to consider how you store your boat.
Hurricane haul-out coverage is often included, meaning a hurricane warning or watch triggers eligibility to be compensated for pulling your boat out of the water, but each insurance company is different. Eastport, Maine to Morehead, North Carolina is a typical navigation area for northeast boaters, but that can vary from company to company. Shawn suggests obtaining a survey on every used boat before purchasing it to avoid any insurability headaches down the road. You can add non-toxic antifreeze directly to your water tank and pump it directly through your hot and cold plumbing (don’t forget about the shower on the transom).
But to save time and antifreeze, consider installing a siphon hose fitting just before your water pump and a water heater bypass loop. Inland coverage would be for boating on lakes, rivers and tributaries; coastal covers you in coastal waters. There are many preparations that have to be followed in order to properly get your boat ready for storage. Placing a boat in self storage is a great alternative to having the boats stored at your home.
If you are storing the boat in your driveway, make sure to put the trailer on wood blocks to protect the tires. Additionally, a good surveyor will alert you to any problems before the purchase so that you don’t buy a boat that’s not seaworthy and end up with an expensive lawn ornament. If you live inland and use your boat primarily in lakes and rivers, you should call your agent for insurance tips if you’re planning on trailering to the coast. Self storage facilities typically have gate access, 24 hour surveillance, on-site managers and door alarms. There are 2 options when storing your boat for the winter – indoor and outdoor storage facilities.
The climate controlled unit will reduce the chance of damage to your boat as well as ensure the boat is not exposed to rain, wind, cold or snow. The cost is typically lower than a climate controlled unit but your boat is exposed to the elements.
These tips will help keep your boat safe and clean until it’s time to get it back on the water. You can refill the system with antifreeze and water, as recommended by the manufacturer or simply flush the system with clean water. Now, jump to our homepage or use our convenient Zip Code Search at the top to find local self storage facilities. For instance, not all the self storage companies out there have large enough units to accommodate boats.
Most policies will cover the cost of the environmental clean-up of a sunken boat’s fuel.
Covering your boat to keep the snow off is a good idea and there are just as many ways to do this as there are boat owners. These usually refer to naturally-occurring wear and tear on the boat (like rust or rot), wear caused naturally (by insects, animals or marine life), osmosis or even hull blisters. Some use wood frames and plastic tarps, others build PVC fortresses with fancy canvas covers, many boat owners shrink wrap their boats and a few do nothing at all.

If bodily injury is caused by the owner or operator of an uninsured boat, a boat and yacht policy has your back there as well. As you start to prepare, reference the manufacturer’s manual for any specific instructions to get the boat ready for storage.
Stop N Stor offers boat storage at our 3 Hinesville locations. Stop in and see how we can help you with your boat storing needs. You’re paying good money to have your boat insured, so it’s worth it to sit down with a marine insurance professional.
The company’s underwriter can grant “permission” or write an endorsement to your policy to cover a few days of fishing in coastal waters. Budget, convenience and availability are key components in determining what you will do with the boat when its not in the water.
A storage facility may even be closer to your home than a marina which means you can check on your boat to make sure everything is safe and secure.
The units also control temperature and humidity which will prevent freezing and excess moisture on your boat.
Now you know how to prepare your boat to survive the winter and be ready to go at the first sign of calm waters in the spring! It usually means that summer is on its way out of town and taking your fun on the water with it. The amount of insurance to purchase should be based on the purchase price of the boat or its survey value. Most of your boat’s property is subject to depreciation, including the canvas, upholstery, outboard engines, machinery over 10 years old, batteries and trailers. A captain’s license can earn as much as a 10% discount; a safe boating course alone can save you 5%.
This would cover the marina’s interest if your boat causes damage to surrounding boats or property. Storing your boat on a trailer in your driveway is probably the cheapest and storing it at the marina is the most effective, but self storage might be the easiest and safest in order to protect the boat from damage in the long run.
Shrink wrapping your boat is also a great way to protect the exterior of the boat from rain, snow, wind and UV rays. Luckily, most of the reputable self storage companies out there provides space for boat storage too.
Our October issue features our 2015 Fall Run Regional Forecast, Plugging For Bass And Blues From The Beach, New Spins On Classic Metals, a guide to catching Hybrid Stripers, Party Boat Blackfish and many more features to get your lines tight this month.
I say there is no offseason, but eventually I give in and take the boat out of the water sometime around December 1. The lay-up period is a discount on the insurance cost for the amount of time the boat is not in use, either ashore or afloat. Proper storage will ensure your boat looks its best, lasts longer and is protected throughout all seasons of the year. Create a list of the repairs that have to be made and work on them as you are preparing for storage.
The owner of a smaller boat may be required to perform a “self survey,” which usually consists of a checklist and boat photos. He was able to give me some basic boat insurance tips and explain the different options and terminology in ways I could understand.

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