For more information, click on the brochure link below to download the Windy leaf loader brochure in PDF format. Our dust reduction feature reduces airborne dust, creating a safer and cleaner environment for operators and surrounding neighborhoods. Hurricanes can wreak havoc in many ways, with lashing winds, torrential rains, and inundating storm surges. While hurricanes, droughts, floods, and storm surges are natural events, the degree of disaster is often now heavily influenced by humans. Anyone riding out a hurricane should wait for authorities to announce that the danger has passed.
All it takes to keep your entire family safe and healthy during and after the storm is a little bit of planning.
The Educational Messages Advisory Committee, composed of fire and life safety experts and staff met during the summer to review and update the messages, which are used throughout NFPA’s educational programs, tip sheets, community toolkits, Fire Prevention Week campaign, and other materials.

All Hurricane Series vacuum leaf loaders are manufactured to the same high Loughberry quality specifications as all our other TARCO® brands. As Atlantic hurricane season heats up, storms could send toxic hydrocarbons lingering from the summer's oil spill surging inland, scientists say.
NFPA's Safety Source blog features news and information created to reduce fire deaths, injuries, and property loss.
For more information, click on the brochure link below to download the Hurricane leaf loader brochure in PDF format. And there will be a special guest  -- Sparky the Fire Dog will be appearing at several Open House locations, along with an antique fire truck and and mobile health unit, so residents can learn all about fire and life safety issues. Operations are joystick-controlled within the cab for a greater degree of safety and higher level of productivity. Of course, the key to keeping your pets healthy and safe is being prepared… especially during hurricane season.

For more information, click on the brochure link below to download the Typhoon leaf loader brochure in PDF format. The Educational Messages Desk Reference provides fire and life safety educators with accurate and consistent language for use when providing safety information to the public. Description: The Hurricane Safety Guide contains safety, preparation and evacuation information.

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