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For more information, click on the brochure link below to download the Windy leaf loader brochure in PDF format. For more information, click on the brochure link below to download the Hurricane leaf loader brochure in PDF format. Why not watch the video clips below (about Hurricane Andrew and try to make a list of the primary and secondary effects of the storm. Oil prices may increase (this was a significant effect in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina). Rich MEDCs, such as the USA, can invest in technology to predict the general area in which hurricanes will strike. Due to global warming (1), there has been a rise in sea-surface temperatures (1) which means that more storms go on to become major hurricanes (1) because there are longer periods when the temperatures exceed 27°C (1).
Don’t attempt to drive through large puddles or on flooded roads, which could threaten your safety. Just 6 inches of moving water can knock you down, and 2 feet of water can sweep your vehicle away.

All Hurricane Series vacuum leaf loaders are manufactured to the same high Loughberry quality specifications as all our other TARCO® brands. Operations are joystick-controlled within the cab for a greater degree of safety and higher level of productivity. The National Hurricane Centre predicted accurately where Hurricane Katrina would make landfall and how strong it would be.
People living in areas affected by tropical storms are encouraged to have a hurricane emergency kit on standby and also to have thought in advance about how they will protect their home and belongings. There has been much more buidling in these aeas in recent years - so when a hurricane strikes, there is more infrastructure in its way and for it to damage!
During and after a hurricane, propane and other types of fuel may not be readily available and roads leading to your home or farm may be inaccessible.Know how and where to shut off the outdoor propane supply and indoor propane appliances. For more information, click on the brochure link below to download the Typhoon leaf loader brochure in PDF format. This technology is not so readily available to LEDCs, although many countries receive information from organisations such as the Joint Typhoon Warning Centre (Pacific) or National Hurricane Centre (Atlantic) to help them prepare for storms.

Description: The Hurricane Safety Guide contains safety, preparation and evacuation information. There is an annual Hurricane Preparedness Week in the USA when schools, businesses and families are all encouraged to pland for possible strikes in the forthcoming hurricane season. A large propane tank may become dislodged from its service line and water and debris can find their way inside regulators and controls, causing potential safety issues.Look carefully around the entire area. Our dust reduction feature reduces airborne dust, creating a safer and cleaner environment for operators and surrounding neighborhoods.

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