My nine-year old brain lacked any knowledge of what a hurricane entailed, however as my family slept together in the basement of our home that night, I stayed awake, frightened by the crackling of branches and surges of wind that echoed through the walls of my home.
Neighborhood by the ocean preparedness hurricane powerpoint in the devoted to stories that inform our community about you and you will. As hurricane season begins June 1, it is important to note that although we cannot prevent the occurrence of hurricanes, we have the ability to prepare and limit the extent of a storm’s destruction.

The home I once considered to be indestructible seemed defenseless, to say the least, as Hurricane Isabel proved to be the toughest of battles in my mind. Although my mind ventured away from reality in those three days, I soon learned that Isabel was in no comparison to the summertime thunderstorms I frequently experienced; hurricanes have the potential to damage, destruct and shake the resiliency of a community.
A hurricane was approaching the suburbs of Baltimore, and all I knew was that a storm shaped like a pinwheel meant no math homework and a yellow-bound Nancy Drew novel waiting to be opened at the foot of my bed.

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