The National Storm Shelters blog is dedicated to giving you the latest information on severe weather safety, emergency preparedness, underground storm shelters and safe rooms. A winter survival kit is a survival kit that is usually kept in your car in the event you get stranded in the winter.
If you are making a 72 hour kit you will need 3 gallons of water per person…it is 1 gallon per person per day! A survival kit is any container of supplies that help you survive any emergency situation you may be in.
Getting ready for natural disasters like these always involves having a hurricane survival kit and we have written a brief post on this before as well as some tips. Once you have taught yourself on packing and maintaining a kit, you have taken the first step towards emergency preparedness.
You will find a generator very useful because electricity is the first to go when a hurricane strikes. Hurricane survival requires special equipment because it’s always wet and dark because of the power outages.

If you live in a mobile home or temporary structure—such shelters are particularly hazardous during hurricanes no matter how well fastened to the ground. Red Cross Ready Rating Program  No doubt you understand the need for your business, organization or school to be prepared and ready for disasters, but may have found the process for getting better prepared as cumbersome and complicated. If you live in an area where there is a chance of an earthquake or hurricanes then you should have an earthquake or hurricane survival kit. It is almost always the most underrated and ignored survival tricks, which is a sad thing because these kits are in fact very useful. Remember, most of the drowning victims of Hurricane Katrina were people who stayed in their homes and found themselves trapped by rising waters with no place to go. Bring in outdoor objects such as lawn furniture, hanging plants, bicycles, toys and garden tools, and secure objects that cannot be brought inside, the Red Cross says. Having a 72 hour kit that is more or less centered around your climate is a pretty smart practice, I think. It can be fairly simple kit you take with you when you go camping that would provide shelter and fire in the event you get lost.

We all know the destructive power of hurricanes, with the storm surges and flooding as well as the turbulent winds.
A survivor of several natural disasters including a hurricanes and the heavy rainstorms and monsoons that are common in his country, he has learned that it's not just strength or fitness that can help you make it through.
Here in California earthquake country, we remind folks that can openers in emergency kits need to be hand operated.
Homeland Survival provides news and information on survival, emergency preparedness, bug out bags, everyday carry, bugout shelters, self sufficiency, survival preps and survival gear. A more comprehensive kit would include supplies to keep you or a group going for several days or weeks.

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