The University of Hawaii has made it official: the Thirty Meter Telescope site will be the last spot on Mauna Kea to be developed for astronomy.
During the past weeks, West Hawaii Today has been taking a closer look at each of the volcanoes on and around Hawaii Island. HILO — The Hawaii County property tax office is being deluged with phone calls following mailings this week to more than 40,000 property owners telling them about a new ordinance that requires them to file state income taxes in order to qualify for their county homeowner’s exemption.

Hawaii police arrested 23 people on charges of driving under the influence of a intoxicant from Nov.
As June 1 was the official start of the hurricane season, Putnam County Executive MaryEllen Odell is urging residents to plan ahead by creating emergency plans, storing necessary supplies and knowing what resources are available to help.

Emergency preparedness drill template
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