Today, I wanted to talk a little bit about emergency preparedness for pet parents and their animal companions. If you have no other place to go, you and your pets can go to the Deland Fairground People and Pets Shelter. Hurricane Preparedness Steps to helping keep your family safe and ready for a potential Hurricane. The goal of the program is to provide superior nutrition to homeless pets that will make them happy and healthy while they wait for their forever homes.
However, humans aren't the only ones that need to be prepared for during inclement weather. Involve everyone in the family in the creation of this plan so that they all know what to do in case of an impending Hurricane. If you have infants on formula or babies in diapers make sure to stock up on those supplies the same goes for any elderly person you may have in your home whether they are regular occupants or will be staying with you if a Hurricane is on its way.
With Hurricane Katrina, thousands of pets were misplaced or deceased, along with their owners risking their lives to save their pets.
Sturdy leashes, harnesses and carriers to transport pets safely and to ensure that your pets cannot escape.
In the event of an emergency, our pet rescue window decal alerts rescue personnel that pets are inside your home. Be sure to stop by our DIY Pet Project gallery for more do it yourself ideas for pet parents!

You can also visit Aimee at her DIY pet blog, Irresistible Pets and the Hampton Roads Dog Blog. Identify a location to take your pet if you need to leave your immediate area - keep in mind that disaster shelters for people may not be able to shelter pets. If you have no other place to go, you and your pets can go to the DeLand Fairground People and Pets shelter.
Step 3 If you have a gas tank for your stove or a generator make sure that it is full now before a Hurricane is imminent.
I am being compensated for helping spread the word about Hill’s Disaster Relief Network, but Pawsitively Pets only shares information we feel is relevant to our readers.
Ask your vet for information about local clinics or if they offer a reduced price on microchips during certain days or weeks of the year.
Pet owners should have an emergency plan that includes the safety of their animals, and should always be informed about the potential for evacuation in their area. Information on feeding schedules, medical conditions, behavior problems and the name and telephone number of your veterinarian in case you have to board your pets or place them in foster care. August 7, 2012 By Irresistible Pets 8 Comments Having a Pet First Aid Kit is something that ALL pet owners need to have. This is the perfect month to make sure you have all your ducks in a row in case of an emergency, pets included!
If you need to evacuate, consider taking a pet carrier or crate if possible for transport and safe-keeping.

This week is Hurricane Preparedness Week so I thought I would take the opportunity to share tips, ideas, and information well in advance of any pending Hurricane so that those who need to can take the steps necessary to be prepared. Follow these tips suggested by Stephanie Twining of Humane Society of The United States, to keep your pets prepared and safe from harm’s way during a hurricane or tropical storm. You can use this water as drinking water for your pet, to brush your teeth, or if you have the ability to boil water for cooking, you can also use this water to clean your body while getting rid of debris in and around your home after the storm has passed. Remember it will be generally be very hot immediately after a Hurricane and you will go through a lot of water.
The last thing you want to do during an emergency is to go searching around for phone numbers and addresses. Many pet parents are prepared in case a disaster or emergency were to strike, but there are still so many that are not ready for these types of horrible situations.
It is sad and unfortunate that pets were refused entry to the hurricane shelters, resulting in unnecessary deaths of pets, including their owners.
Create a check list that every family member can use to show their job has been completed and you are ready for the next step.

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