We receive a lot of phone calls coming into our Fort Myers garage door design center from homeowners during hurricane season. We were fortunate this hurricane season as we did not have any actual hurricanes, but I know we put a lot of homeowner’s minds at ease knowing that if needed, there is a temporary solution to reinforce their garage doors in an emergency. A permanent, safer and even cost effective solution is getting rid of any garage door in Florida that is not hurricane or wind rated. If a new hurricane rated garage door is something your family cannot budget at this time, we understand, and the hurricane garage door kits can be a solution if and when the time arises. We invite you to come into our Fort Myers garage door design center or any of our design centers across the State of Florida.

Many call to find out if there is anything that can be done to make their old garage doors stronger in the event of a hurricane. The kits are installed on the back of your garage door and will provide added strength and reinforcement. Here you will be able to see an array of doors, hurricane rated included in different colors and designs. It’s amazing how many older homes we have here in Florida that do not have hurricane or wind-rated garage doors installed.
While we encourage all Florida homeowners to upgrade their door to an actual hurricane rated door, we do offer reinforcement kits that you can put up in the event there is a hurricane coming.

A garage door hurricane protection kit may run you up to $600, where as a brand new impact rated garage door may only be a few hundred more.

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