Drought, Hurricane, Blizzard, Thunderstorm, Tornado, Avalanche, Flood, Hail, Sleet and Ice. All Rights Reserved.For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service. Hemphill Elementary School (Kyle, Texas) presented six mini lessons, one for each Pillar, on the six Fridays leading up to CC! Click for more ideas for celebrating in your school and community (free registration required). There are other apps that allow you to create similar lessons online, however Nearpod is pretty clearly the easiest to use, for both teachers and students.
Web site offers free teaching tools and materials that include plenty of ideas for celebrating good character in your school, tips for getting parents and local business partners involved in supporting your efforts, printable posters, and much more. The hurricane information for middle school creating in the case of a fire and who is in charge of ensuring absolutely excessive alcohol consumption can lead. Apps like Nearpod have created the opportunity for students to answer questions in the classroom—whether they are openers, exit tickets, or quizzes—using their computers, tablets, or smartphones, giving the teacher live statistics on student understanding.

If you are, it’s certainly a phenomenal way for students to share their writing documents, presentations, and spreadsheets with you and their peers. Used in this capacity, the app is a phenomenal “dipstick” tool for both opener and exit tickets. At John Marshall High School (Cleveland, Ohio), the school's rotunda was painted with six Grecian columns representing the Six Pillars of Character. Turn the words around a bit, and you will transform each into a goal for a child to work toward. The mini-lessons occurred at the same time throughout the entire school, and fifth graders acted as ambassadors of character, entering classrooms to help with each lesson. For the 21st century educator, this creates a phenomenal opportunity for quick and efficient feedback. Google Docs allows for incredible accountability and the functionality allows students to feel supported—and sure beats having to run about the room from student to student, squinting at each of their computer screens or drowning in paper. Each year, however, many schools make an extra effort to celebrate good character during the third week of October, CHARACTER COUNTS!

Completed glogs can be shared with anyone online and teachers have easy access to their GlogsterEDU classrooms for commenting and sharing. Sign up for Nearpod online as a teacher, create a presentation, add an activity to your slide, type in your question and multiple choice answers, and it will give you and your students a PIN code to access—it’s as simple as that. Make Jan seeks new challenges into a request for parental support by changing it to read Please encourage Jan to seek new challenges. To start, with all of these programs, users can share their documents with others for editing, as well as live commenting … there’s even a chat function, where all users looking at a particular document can chat live with each other as they are viewing and working together.

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