If you want an early start on the day, it makes sense to make reservations at one of the hotels near Hurricane Harbor.
Once you've packed your sunscreen, water sandals, and shades, you'll be ready to head to Arlington with your Six Flags Hurricane Harbor tickets in hand. At Hurricane Harbor, you'll find maximum thrills at the Geronimo, Hydra Maniac, and the Black Hole. If you're already planning jam-packed vacation packages, you might consider one-day Six Flags Hurricane Harbor tickets.

When you're buying Six Flags Hurricane Harbor tickets, you'll also have the chance to purchase meal vouchers. The first time you use the pass, be sure to pick up a booklet of Hurricane Harbor coupons that you can use all season long. And you'll be able to use your Hurricane Harbor coupons at their dining experiences and other places throughout the park. On your tours of Hurricane Harbor, you'll have a chance to play some volleyball at Boogie Beach or let the sun warm your shoulders at Suntan Lagoon.

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