In a disaster aftermath, whether caused by hurricane or earthquake or tsunami, the right impulse is to rush in with appropriate relief.
From this spring’s floods to tornadoes that have carved paths of destruction across our state, Arkansans know firsthand the personal price of natural disasters and the value of a helping hand.
In the Senate, Pryor has been a leader in helping communities get needed resources to respond and rebuild after devastating natural disasters.
Even as he has fought to reign in federal spending in many areas, Pryor has consistently voted to fund emergency relief for victims of disasters like Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy, and he supported legislation granting temporary tax relief for hurricane victims in Louisiana and Mississippi.
Later, after additional debate and deliberation over a final Sandy relief bill — during which Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole told his colleagues, “there's clearly a federal responsibility to act… we have a national interest in getting this region on its feet as quickly as possible” — the House finally passed a bipartisan package to aid the hurricane victims. In the same span, Cotton also voted specifically to block federal dollars from being used to repair seawalls damaged by the hurricane, and he voted to strike funding for Regional Ocean Partnership grants for coastal states affected by the storm.

Cotton Was Also The Only Arkansas Congressman To Vote Against $17 Billion Basic Aid Package For Communities Affected By Hurricane Sandy. Cotton Was One Of 67 Republicans – The Only One From His Delegation – To Oppose Supplemental Funding For FEMA To Cover Damage Claims From Hurricane Sandy. Mark Pryor has consistently carried those values to the Senate by supporting funds for disaster assistance for Arkansas, as well as other states impacted by devastating floods, tornadoes and hurricanes.
Pryor has fostered goodwill that has helped Arkansans when disasters strike at home, and he has successfully sought funding that helped our own communities rebuild. Tom Cotton's weirdly extremist record of opposing disaster aid and cutting spending on agencies that help in times of need. When a basic federal aid package came up for a vote in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Cotton was the only member of Arkansas’ congressional delegation to oppose the bill.

Tom Cotton , R-Dardanelle, voted Friday against legislation that would ensure the federal government has the money to pay flood insurance claims resulting from Hurricane Sandy. Tom Cotton, on the other hand, has repeatedly opposed even basic federal funding for those who are struggling to recover from natural disasters, leaving Arkansans and their neighbors to fend for themselves when all is lost.

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