Odds are you didn’t bring a few thousands rounds of ammunition with you to deer camp (not to mention mortars, hand grenades, and landmines).
Other than the presence of flesh-eating deer, what you have on your hands is essentially a wilderness survival situation. When it’s not the deer zombie apocalypse, bears are immensely powerful animals weighing several times your body weight and occasionally eating your trash.
Just like human zombies, dead deer have relatively squishy skulls and just about any round will probably make their heads explode like a ripe watermelon. The additional padding will come in handy if you ever get up close and personal with a zombie deer attempting to bite you. After a week without showering may make you stink like a cow’s rear, but to deer, it just makes you smell human. Many hunters already have knowledge of basic survival skills such as fire-making, shelter building, and even how to forage for edible fruit.

In the event of deer zombies, bears are immensely powerful animals several times your body weight and awesome. Deer and their zombie variants have relatively blunt teeth due to their status as herbivores, and it will take quite some effort on their part to bite through thick clothing. In the case of a zombie outbreak, however, you may have to stay in the woods for an extended period of time.
This makes gathering food, fighting off waves of zombie deer, and building wooden fortresses all that much easier. Try to find a spot where you can see any zombies approaching long before they get within antler range, preferably with an escape route planned out. Remember, just because deer have been zombiefied and in all likelihood completely overwhelmed the country, it doesn’t mean they can magically track you better.
So it is a good idea to brush up on the skills that will allow you to enjoy a longer stay, such as proper water procurement and filtration, how to make soap from ash and fat, and trapping and processing non-zombified game.

Honestly, if the zombie deer outbreak is that bad in the wilderness, you’re probably going to want to avoid the zombie pigeons in the cities. Calling out killstreaks or radioing for an airstrike, however, is not considered good sportsmanship. Hunters can get away with all kinds of stealthy things using a proper combination of camo and scent blocker, and then will even be more useful in the deer apocalypse. Or maybe that’s from the stress of avoiding bloodthirsty deer, which in hindsight would leave you little time for proper hygiene. Since it’s likely that bears will be immune to whatever virus is causing the zombie outbreak in deer, they can even enjoy a snack afterwards.

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