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Anything to add some more splashes of color would be ideal as most of the bottles themselves are rather plain. This idea is not new (they used empty amphorae embedded in concrete back in ancient Rome and the first “modern day” bottle house dates back to 1902 in Nevada) but it’s very popular nowadays in the prepping community and also makes for an awesome DIY project. A bottle house, just like a bottle wall, is basically a construction made of glass bottles or jars or whatever type of glass you have, and some binding material.
The bottles or jars are used  as masonry blocks or units (just like bricks if you like) and they’re bound together using various materials such as cement, adobe, sand, clay, stucco, mortar, plaster; take your pick of binding materials because the list is as long as my arm.
The bottles used in this house are filled with colored materials so they look awesome in the sunlight and the house actually sings when the wind blows the bottle house. Somebody may ask how much you drink if you can afford to build an entire house out of glass bottles, but that’s a private matter! For example, you can build a festive outdoor mood enhancer light…  What you’ll require for this project is as follows: empty glass bottles, tiki torch wicks and torch fluid. You’ll have to clean up the empty bottles, fill the bottom with water just under the wick (don’t let the water touch the wick though), then fill the rest of the bottle with torch fluid. Here comes a more advanced project for those of you who seek enlightenment in the art of using glass bottles for building useful things.
Just take a look at the next video and you’ll discover a cool method for making your own custom-made beer glasses out of glass bottles! For this endeavor you’ll require an (unfortunately empty) beer bottle, lighter fluid, cotton string, sandpaper and ice water.

Indeed, this is an important lesson about surviving when stranded out in the wild and being forced to live off the land (and from garbage landfills). If you take a look at the next video, you’ll learn how to create deadly (and beautiful at the same time) arrowheads using glass bottles.
This project may seem pretty weird (as in obvious) to you, but let me tell you one thing: this is one of the most underestimated uses for glass bottles ever. Usually people prefer to use plastic bottles for storing water, but glass bottles are the best option around. Or watch this video and see other cool ideas for using empty glass bottles for decorative purposes. If you have other thoughts or ideas about how to repurpose glass bottles, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below.
If you have access to the 5 gallon plastic water bottles used for water coolers you will have one of the very best containers imaginable.
Just take a look at the video below depicting an already-built glass bottle house and you’ll understand what I am talking about.
You’ll be able to create all sorts of shapes from cut glass bottles, including spoons as in the photo below, and other useful items. Because arrows are weapons and weapons are cool and related to prepping and surviving in the wild, which is probably what brought you to this site. If you don’t know how to do that, you’ll learn the art of flint chipping at the same time you learn to make glass arrowheads. Emergency water storage using glass bottles is often disregarded in the prepping community because plastic is easier to come by and lighter to tote.

In case you did not know, water is best kept in glass containers (the best tasting beer is in bottles, not in cans) as opposed to metal or plastic ones. Toxic substances from the plastic such as BPA – aka Bisphenol A – may contaminate your water supply especially if the plastic bottles are exposed to sunlight or hot environments. Whenever we open a bottle of wine we have whoever is over autograph and date the bottles as a keepsake. Building a wall out of glass bottles is described in the following video and the same principle can be applied to an entire house. Here’s another video depicting an easy way of getting use from the glass bottom by making blue glass arrowheads. Instead of disposing of useless empty bottles, you can melt them down and transform them into art. Chicago buddies RABBLE RABBLE are a four-piece who helped us kick off NYE 2014 with JEFF THE BROTHERHOOD, so you know they know how to party. With a three-piece behind him, CHIVES and the band pair scuzzy, catchy-as-hell numbers with Krautrock rhythms to give the psych- and synth-punk songs the go-go propulsion they need to survive their three, five and eight minute runtimes.

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