If you live in a hurricane-prone area, it would be better to install permanent storm shutters on your windows. Get Healthy – This may seem beyond your control, but people that constantly call in sick aren’t helpful to a company.  Get plenty of sleep, eat properly, quit smoking, lay off the caffeine, exercise, and for those occasions when you are really sick and contagious, stay home! Maryland is at risk for the damage caused by high winds and flooding from hurricanes or, more typically, the tropical storms that follow them.
Remove boats from a marina and move to a safe location if possible; if not, make sure they are securely anchored to the dock. After the event, contact your local water authority to determine the potability (drinking water safety) of all publicly accessed water. Yes, how you organize your portfolio will tell if you have those organizational skills I want. If your home is damaged during the hurricane, you'll have to put in an insurance claim to recover your losses. Even relatively mild hurricanes have powerful winds that can send items flying through your windows.
Follow these stepswhen returning to your home after a hurricane to protect yourself and your family.
If you are not sure of the safety of the water and cannot contact or reach the local authority, boil any water that will be used for food preparation, especially for foods that require no further cooking prior to consumption. Whether you're at home or in an evacuation shelter, you should stay inside for the duration of the storm unless there is a serious emergency.
Across the eastern United States, Americans scrambled Saturday to stock up on supplies and secure homes as Hurricane Sandy -- billed as a superstorm -- lumbered north after leaving dozens dead in the Caribbean.

As it churned in a northeasterly direction, the massive weather system was at category one hurricane strength, with maximum sustained winds of 75 miles (120 kilometers) per hour, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said.
In Delaware, Governor Jack Markell issued an evacuation order, urging coastal residents and those in flood-prone areas to leave their homes to stay safe. It could have the strength of a category one or two hurricane, he explained, but with powerful winds extending out hundreds of miles from the center. President Barack Obama was briefed by top emergency officials Saturday, the White House said, and governors declared states of emergency in Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Virginia, the U.S.
White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters Saturday the president was giving priority to preparations for the impending storm over campaigning, but had not so far changed his schedule because of Sandy.
The powerful hurricane earlier claimed 11 lives in eastern Cuba, including several people who died in the rubble of collapsed buildings. Be sure to be ready in advance for a hurricane with a preparedness kit and a preparedness plan. Even Category 1 hurricanes can bring winds of nearly 100mph, which can easily blow around anything you have outside that isn't securely tied down.[12] Remove all hanging plants, furniture, barbeques, and anything else that could blow away.
It is also helpful because you can buy non-perishable items at the beginning of the hurricane season and not worry about having to replace them until at least the next year. Powerful to be capable to withstand blasts typical exactly where continuity preparing, found that only 28 % safety steps during a hurricane of the surveyed.
While we can't stop hurricanes from hitting, careful preparation and planning can help you get through the storm safely. You could also mark evacuation shelters or other safe places you could go if forced to leave your home on this map.

In the event of a hurricane, it is very important for you and everyone in your house to have a plan of action.
It's an end to the procrastination, another chance to stay on top of the game and watch it all play out perfectly. Whether you live in a hurricane-prone area or somewhere they only hit occasionally, there are a number of precautions you can take to keep yourself and your family safe during and after the storm.
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She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks. Find a safe location within your home, usually an interior room, a closet or bathroom on the lower level. The worst possible thing you an do during a hurricane is freak out and cause you and everyone around you to be in danger. That's why CGI windows and doors meet the toughest hurricane codes, why we keep patenting new safety technology, and why we created this site— to give you the most up-to-date, thorough tools to stay safe.

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