ISON and LoveJoy will also swap hemispheres at relatively the same time ~November 4-7, in relation to the solar system ecliptic.
Both solar prominences will likely have little to no effect on Earth, as they don’t appear to be aimed toward the planet. Known as a solar maximum, the peak of a cycle sees an increase in sunspots and large solar flares and prominences.
NASA has even termed this particular cycle the Grand Solar Maximum as if predicating that this cycle will outperform many before. They were originally spotted in 1997, and are a byproduct of coronal mass ejections (CMEs), which spew stellar material and solar winds into space with such ferocity they can affect electronics and communications systems here on Earth. But something else occurred on Oct 1 that I am learning has also influenced the uptick in solar activity. For drinking as feasible, so invest in some scorpions celebrate their 50th your storage facilities has. NASA’s space-based Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) recorded the images over a four-hour period.

This peak could have serious consequences for the electrical grid that surrounds the Earth: Solar flares and prominences, when aimed at the planet, have the potential to disrupt electrical systems and satellites. God came in the flesh, as Jesus Christ the Son of God, and became the perfect once for all, substitionary, atoning sacrifice.
The earth’s magnetic field helps to protect us from harmful UV radiation that comes from the sun, it is connected to the internal magnetic navigation and migration systems of many animals, it reflects these electrically charged clouds that come from the sun (when they penetrate you get the minor affects of auroras, intermediate effects of satellite communication and radio blackouts, and most severely can fry anything with a circuit) and most importantly keeps our atmosphere from getting stripped away by this solar wind.
In the video, hot waves of charged gas—released when tangled solar magnetic fields destabilized and exploded before reconnecting again—arc away from the sun in vast red loops, according to NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center.
The most damaging emissions from big solar storms travel slowly enough to be detected by satellites well before the particles strike Earth, Tom Bogdan, director of the U.S. Solar maximums can last a couple of years, said Leon Golub, senior astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics. The solar maximum has a direct relationship to increased seismicity, higher frequency of aurora’s, higher global temperatures, abnormal animal migration patterns, stronger and more severe weather systems, among many other influences. Scientists are working toward a better way to predict and prevent the damaging effects of a solar storm on Earth.

A coronal mass ejection such as the one pictured above can send out a solar tsunami that can ripple across half the sun's surface in one hour. A violent solar tsunami rippling across the sun's surface has provided scientists with the first accurate measurement of the sun's magnetic field, which turns out to be weaker than your average fridge magnet. Solar tsunamis are monstrous events, traveling around half the sun's surface in one hour at speeds up to 620 miles per hour.
Solar tsunamis move faster through stronger magnetic fields similar to how sound travels faster through water. For people looking to shop early for Christmas gifts, Amazon is offering great bundles on their Kindle readers.

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