The thicker gauge copper wire you use in this experiment, the more powerful your electromagnetic pulse will be. A grounded platform, like a tree stump or plastic table, is an ideal testing surface for your EMP emitter. Electromagnetic fields are, in most cases, invisible to the eye.[10] If you don't have a test object, even if you have successfully created an EMP, you may not know it. The size of the copper wire and length of the coil will determine the strength and radius of the electromagnetic pulse.
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To make a EMP generator you will need: A disposibul camera alot of copper wire (the thiner the better) A switch.
You need to make a coil of wire about 10cm wide, you can do this by wrapping the wire around a circal object like a drink bottle. To create a simple electromagnetic pulse, you will need a disposable camera, copper wire, rubber gloves, solder and soldering tools, and an iron rod.

Since the electromagnetic pulse field will only affect electronics, you may want to buy an inexpensive electronic device from your local electronics store. You will need electricity to re-charge your capacitor, which will then provide the current to your electromagnetic coil and create your EMP.
You can do this by removing the wires from the electromagnetic coil, allowing the current from the battery to feed into the capacitor, and then with an insulated manipulator (like rubber gloves or plastic tongs), reattach the wires of your coil to your capacitor. By activating the flash of your camera, you will release the stored electricity in it, which will surge through your electromagnetic coil and create your EMP. You walkie-talkie antenna will serve as the stock onto which you fix your electromagnetic coil and camera circuit board. Make sure you have chosen a location far enough away from electronics that you don't inadvertently do harm. For safety, start with a small device to test the effectiveness of your design before creating a larger, more powerful pulse. If your electronic device ceases function after your EMP, you have successfully created an electromagnetic pulse.

Grasping your EMP device by the insulated base of the antenna, like a Ghostbuster Neutrona Wand, hold your electromagnetic coil toward your test object and flick your switch to the "On" position. Her favorite article she’s worked on is How to Keep Cats Out of the House, and her favorite article on wikiHow is How to Care for a New Cat.
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