I produced this design because I’d got a load of lightweight mesh that I wanted to use up, but which wasn’t strong enough to make a cage on its own. The door is slightly too long and will not pass between the post – make sure that it’s on the same side as the four remaining holes. Push the door from the outside and check that it swings in freely up to the inside of the trap roof. Finally seal the end of the trap by either folding the overhanging wire over or by use a fresh square.
Take the string attached to the treadle and thread the end straight up through the mesh on the top of the trap.

Prop the door open using the trigger mechanism and place the trap where the rabbits are active. The door cannot be pushed open from the inside but will open if the trap is turned upside down. We have too many large jack rabbits (hares) here.The Province of Alberta website says that the solid box traps are good for rabbits but not hares. Remember The Trap Man gives you E mail help for as long as you own your trap, just quote your invoice number.
Take it along the top of the trap and thread the end through the loop of the wire holding the door open.

These are very handy when you want to steer a raccoon into a trap, if the animal is coming out of a hole in the roof, for example, such as seen here: trapping out of roof. You also might want to put a cardboard cover or wood cover over the trap, to give the animal shade.

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